Ocean park

Water World, Ocean Park’s new water park in Hong Kong, opens September 21

Water World water park in Hong Kong will officially open to the public on September 21, 2021. Water World will adopt dynamic pricing, where entry prices will vary based on seasonality and days of the week over the next 60 days of operation.

Image courtesy of Ocean Park Hong Kong.
Rainbow Rush presented by the Club

Located on the Torrential River where adventurers can test their limits with plenty of high-adrenaline water attractions, Rainbow Rush presented by The Club is a collaboration between Ocean Park and HKT. The 17-meter (56-foot) eight-lane waterslide sports the colors of a rainbow and will take adventurers on an exhilarating, high-speed water race.

Starting with a massive drop at the start of the slide, adventurers will twirl and tumble through a tube of darkness, before finally emerging into the open air and be amazed by the views of the Aberdeen Canal. Guests can challenge themselves and race to the finish line with digital stopwatches in each lane.

Images courtesy of Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Preview day

Paulo Pong, Vice President of Ocean Park, said, “We are excited to enter the final countdown to the official opening of Water World and prepare to welcome adventurers of all ages and walks of life. to dive into the adventure with us.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ocean Park to contribute to one of their latest attractions,” said Alan Tsui, CEO of HKT’s Loyalty, Digital and Analytics. “This partnership has also opened up the opportunity for us to preview World Water Day, which is one of the many exclusive experiences we strive to bring to our members. As a well-known loyalty and digital ecosystem in Hong Kong, our vision is to further improve our services in e-commerce, travel and insurance by working with different partners to provide more outstanding privileges like the here to our members.

The Club’s private Water World Preview Day will take place on September 18. During the event, Club members will be able to explore Water World’s five themed areas while enjoying discounts at all food outlets and gift shops.