Ocean park

“Urban Wonders” at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2

Enjoy the costly marine ecosystem east of Hanoi

Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire is currently the largest metropolis in Vinhomes. The highlight of the “marine megacity” is the Royal Wave Park, the largest man-made marine park complex in the world, covering more than 18 hectares.

Not only a new world-class “urban wonder” from Vinhomes, the Royal Wave Park complex is also the golden key that opens the door and gives its residents the privilege of living in a world-class marine ecosystem right in the East of the capital city.

Royal Wave Park is a world-class “urban wonder”

With rapid construction progress, the Royal Wave Park will become an expensive green lung of the eastern part of Hanoi and nearby localities in a very short time. The central area is surrounded by the largest saltwater lake in Asia – Laguna – over 9.3 hectares, which plays the role of a giant regulating lake. Light blue water will help reduce summer heat, increase winter heat, and most importantly bring clean, pure air to city dwellers every day.

Resort life in the heart of the capital with the Royal Wave Park

Located in the heart of Laguna Lake is the 10,000 sq ft Sandy Park. The investor has brought here hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of sand to make this site a “seaside resort”. It will be a space that residents can visit every day to seek the feeling of relaxation and peace with every walk; a place where children can fly their childhood kites or where families can have gathering moments, enjoying delicious barbecue meals together… Around Sandy Park, the investor has also laid out dozens huts to relax.

The most exciting destination of the “urban wonder” Royal Wave Park is the 6 wave pools over 5.4 hectares in the central area, surrounding the Hoang Gia mountain. Using the world’s leading wave making technology, the waves here can reach a height of 2.5m to 3m, plus the 15m waterfall, bringing an extremely refreshing feeling to everyone.

With no need to travel far, residents of Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire can fully enjoy a lively vacation by the beach, where children enthusiastically play with their parents on colorful rubber rings, or let themselves fall freely into two waterslide trays.

Swimming in the clear, cool and blue salt water with big waves is an unparalleled experience in Hanoi

Move east to have a class life

After the resounding success with the world’s largest duo of 6.1 ha saltwater lake and artificial freshwater lake with 24.5 ha of white sand at Vinhomes Ocean Park Phase 1, the launch of Royal Wave Park shows a big step forward for Vinhomes in the journey to create world-class “urban wonders” for its inhabitants.

The “green paradise” to the east of the city also includes the Empire Park of more than 7.5 hectares with a trio of parks. Along with this there is the Silk Park with a canal of more than 2.6 km and a series of unique and new installations. The investor is also developing up to 20 green parks interspersed with unique architecture and landscapes inspired by famous landmarks around the world to provide green and healthy living for its residents.

With a total area of ​​over 1,000 hectares, Vinhomes Ocean Park 1 and 2 will become the busiest marine megalopolis in eastern Hanoi in the near future.

Life at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire is a journey of discovery of beauty, as this megalopolis is designed as a “miniature world”. This place brings together the quintessence of “architectural marvels” across the five continents. It is the elegant French style, the romantic and pompous Italian style, the colorful beauty of the Mediterranean or the Franco-Vietnamese interference in the Indochinese style. Many public spaces are also meticulously invested, with European colors and influences, such as the Avenue du Royaume, a replica of the famous Champs Elysées in France, with the 50m high statue of the Goddess of Light as its high point.

The high quality of life at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – L’Empire is also created by Vingroup’s exclusive ecosystem of products and services of international standards. It is Vincom Mega Mall with a total area of ​​7.45 ha, gathering famous domestic and international brands; the 5-star Vinmec Health Resort hospital with 18 presidential villas where health care is combined with resort services – the first of its kind in Vietnam; A diverse system of quality Vinschools with all levels of education from pre-school through high school and dozens of multi-style, multi-experience…

All of this promises to make Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire a catalyst for the property market boom in 2022.