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Off the Beaten Path: How to Ride the Ocean Park Cable Car Rescue Trail in an Hour

You may have ridden all the roller coasters, tried your hand at cheesy carnival games and aah-ed and aah-ed at the resident pandas. But unless you’re off the beaten path, we can bet you’ve never experienced Ocean Park like this before.

Located minutes from the MTR station, the Ocean Park Cable Car Rescue Trail is a short family-friendly walk that takes you on a gradual climb, overlooking the lower part of the park and offering stunning views of the south of the island. from Hong Kong.

Since this is a rescue trail, the one-way path – you’ll have to turn around on the same route – is fully paved, making it perfect for a light weekend walk. Even taking photo stops into account, the approximately 2.5 km hike should take you over an hour and a bit more.

Getting to the starting point

Take the MTR to Ocean Park station and exit at Exit A. Pass the roundabout and walk straight onto Ocean Park Road, where there is a bus and minibus stop.

You will see the Hong Kong Police College on your right. Continue on the uphill slope, where there is a sign for Manly Villa.

A few minutes after the start of the slope, you can already see the park’s iconic cable cars above your head.

Keep an eye out for a staircase to your right, marked with a handy yellow arrow and the word 南朗山, or Nam Long Shan (Brick Hill). This is where the climb begins.


As you ascend, you’ll be treated to a colorful bird’s eye view of lower Ocean Park overlooking attractions such as the Aqua City merry-go-round and lagoon. It’s quite a surreal feeling to have cable cars passing (slowly) above you. How often do you get to see the underside of a cable car?

Between greeting park visitors by shouting a friendly I love you (add oil) from their cable cars overhead and admiring the stunning views, be sure to watch where you are stepping. There are some raised metal steps wrapping around cables, presumably part of the cable car network, so be careful not to trip.

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About 30 minutes later you will come to a fork in the road. Stay to your left.

A panoramic view

As you move forward, Ocean Park fades and a sweeping panorama of southern Hong Kong Island appears. The mountain overlooks some of the city’s most prestigious real estate, including the multi-million dollar mansions of Shouson Hill and Repulse Bay.

There are a few downhill sections along the way as you walk to the other end of Ocean Park, which you’ll recognize by the yellow and red Hair Raiser roller coaster on the right.

If you continue you will see a blue sign and a barrier that will prevent you from walking any further. This marks the end of the path, so at this point turn around and continue on your way.

A short hike with a gentle incline and views that parallel more strenuous hikes in Hong Kong, the Ocean Park Cable Car Rescue Trail is a great option if you don’t want to sweat too much.