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Ocean Park’s award-winning education and conservation campaign live

Education and conservation are the missions of Ocean Park. However, social distancing measures prevented them from launching programs in their original formats. “Various school outreach programs, conservation workshops and educational tours are to be put on hold,” said Rose Yeung, Marketing Director of Ocean Park. “Social media platforms are important channels for us to connect with the public, which is why we decided to opt for creative digital solutions and launched our first live broadcast campaign to achieve our education goals. and conservation.”

As part of the new normal, the public has developed new behaviors. For example, they are opting for e-learning and watching live streamed programs on different social media platforms. “Taking advantage of this new trend, we launched the ‘OP Goes Live’ campaign which includes a series of live videos using three key approaches namely getting closer to animals; special experiences and DIY workshops,” said Catherine Wong, commercial director of MUSE.

She added: “From animal encounters, arts and crafts classes, cooking classes and nighttime adventures, all of the livestream programs were led by animal educators and caretakers. . Our goal was to deliver education and conservation messages in real time and in a lively and interactive way.”

“There is a need to give fans an instant response when watching live programs. Using tactics such as Q&A, voting and quizzes, our video hosts can give instant answers and have live conversations. real time with the audience, greatly improving the level of program engagement,” said Yardley Luk, Associate Director at MUSE.

All live broadcast programs have been carefully curated with varying highlights to help achieve the park’s education and conservation goals. For example, in the Live Night Adventure, educators introduced some of the hidden places in the park, showed the habitat of certain animals and how they lived at night in the park, while sharing fun facts and conservation messages. throughout the programs.

Many Ocean Park fans are passionate about animals. So, Ocean Park has created a series of live broadcast programs. The public could get a closer look at the animals. Animal groomers led the programs and demonstrated daily care routines such as feeding, training and examinations, allowing the public to see the close bonds and fun interactions between animals and caregivers. The hosts also offered professional real-time explanations and answers to questions posed by fans and delivered important conservation messages like common threats facing wild animals. This has encouraged the public to develop habits that can help protect valuable animal species.

Ocean Park hoped to convey the message that “conservation can be done easily in everyday life”. Therefore, the series of DIY workshops taught the public about simple and easy ways to prepare dishes with sustainable ingredients, as well as handcrafted tableware made from recycled materials.
The carefully planned and executed campaign has proven itself with great reception on social media. “Our videos have definitely provided a special yet interactive learning experience for our fans. It’s our pleasure to see that people really like the series and show their appreciation through comments,” Yeung said.

“Central to the campaign’s success has been how we make learning fun and interactive. Through live creative content, key messages were delivered in an engaging way, while real-time interactions enhanced the audience’s learning experience,” Wong said.

“We were absolutely thrilled that the ‘OP Goes Live’ Education and Conservation campaign not only received such an enthusiastic reception from the public, but also won a silver award in the Best Video/Streaming Campaign category. live at the MARKETING-INTERACTIVE DigiZ Awards 2021. The result was encouraging and it was recognition for our team,” said Luk.

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