Ocean park

Ocean Park moves forward with pre-qualification exercise to solicit potential partners for future development

The pre-qualification exercise will help pre-qualify respondents for the bidding process, maintaining a number of bidders while ensuring that they share the park’s vision on future development, conservation and education (C&E).

Hong Kong – As its reflection exercise progresses to a new stage, ocean park today issued a pre-qualification invitation to solicit potential partners to co-develop the park via a build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. This officially kicks off the two-phase procurement process for the implementation of Ocean Park’s future strategy as part of the brainstorming exercise. This process begins with the current pre-qualification phase and will be followed by the tender phase in late 2021 or early 2022.

The pre-qualification exercise will help pre-qualify respondents for the bidding process, maintaining a manageable number of bidders while ensuring they share the park’s vision for future development, conservation and education (C&E), as well as having the conditions required to deliver the proposals for the development of the future strategy.

This pre-qualification will give potential respondents eight weeks to respond with proposals and comments.

Lau Ming-waiPresident of Ocean Park Corporation, said: “The journey of realizing our vision for a new Ocean Park has taken a big step forward with this pre-qualification invitation. We can only realize the new vision for the park with the right team of partners who share the long-term goal not only for the park, but for Hong Kong as a whole. Together, we hope to make Ocean Park the pearl of the government’s Invigorating Island South initiative, enhancing the visitor experience in all aspects, while ensuring the sustainability of the business.

The redesign of Ocean Park and the new areas to be developed

Working with the government, Ocean Park completed the brainstorming exercise in January 2021 to chart the way forward and reimagine new opportunities, leveraging the park’s proven track record in C&E and its unique geographic location. The plan breaks with existing frameworks and the park will implement a new operating and billing model, and introduce brand new experiences for visitors.

To further support the park’s M&E efforts, bidders seeking prequalification are encouraged to incorporate the following principles into the conceptual design, operations or other area bids:

  • Be environmentally responsible and improve animal welfare in accordance with park objectives.
  • Achieve sustainable operational excellence through various initiatives, such as water conservation, waste management and recycling, sustainable procurement processes and more.
  • Share the same C&E values ​​as the park, focusing on positively impacting consumer behavior change through educational and experiential learning activities, design themes and content.
  • Be socially responsible and inclusive, meeting the needs of people with special needs.

The new plan provides development opportunities in three new areas within Ocean Park with site areas totaling approximately 376,000 square meters (m²). These include: the brand new free-entry Retail, Dining and Entertainment (RDE) area in the Lower Park (approx. 89,000 m²), Adventure Zone (approx. 125,000 m²) and of well-being (approximately 162,000 m²) in the upper park. Respondents can submit their interest for a single zone, two zones or all three zones. For the Adventure and Wellness zones, they are also invited to express their interest in developing and operating selected parts of each zone.

  • The Retail, Dining and Entertainment Zone: The lower area of ​​the park will be transformed into a low-rise retail zone with differentiated and experiential retail, dining and entertainment offerings, such as open spaces for activities, outdoor dining, indoor entertainment and events, and children’s play areas. It will be open to the public free of charge, complemented by the park’s existing C&E attractions which will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • The Adventure Zone: Located in the upper part of the park, this zone is to be built on the existing Adventure Land area, which has a natural downward slope suitable for many adventure-related attractions. Drawing on topography and landscape, this area will feature thrilling outdoor attractions and activities offering nature-inspired adventure experiences.
  • The Wellness Zone: Two sites are available for the Wellness Zone. The first being the southern tip of the upper park which is currently occupied by thrill rides, and the second is the adjacent undeveloped area of ​​the park on the western side of the new water world. The Wellness Zone will provide authentic and immersive experiences that promote different dimensions of wellbeing and an avenue to escape from daily city life.