Ocean park

Ocean Park is getting a makeover

The theme park, located in Hong Kong, is set to undergo a period of renovation, changing from a theme park to a theme resort.

The transformation will be funded by the Hong Kong government, which is expected to provide $361 million for the struggling theme park. The park was created in 1977 and has been operating at a loss for four years. The cash injection from the government will be doubled, $251 million will be used as working capital while an additional $144 million will cover operating costs for four years.

Expanding from a traditional theme park, Ocean Park will become a stand-alone marine conservation center, travel destination and edutainment center. Visitors will be able to explore seven new themed areas: Ocean Square, Azure Bay, Discovery Grove, Pacific Point, Adventure Valley, Explorers Wharf and Ocean’s Edge. Each zone will feature a number of immersive edutainment experiences and rides.

Edward Yau Tang-Wah, Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development, commented, “Ocean Park is more than a theme park, more than a roller coaster. We agreed that the park should move away from the conventional theme park development model, reduce facilities and related expenses that are unprofitable, and shift its development focus towards education and conservation.