Ocean park

Ocean Park “ghosts” to roam outside, not inside haunted houses

Ocean Park will not be setting up “haunted houses” this Halloween, opting instead to send “ghosts” to areas that are open due to the pandemic.

Those wishing to visit three special themed areas will have to pay HK$280 on top of the normal admission price, which means adults will have to pay HK$640.

Halloween Fest will be open to visitors from Friday (October 1) through Halloween October 31, excluding Tuesdays.

Due to health concerns, Ocean Park will transition from indoor to outdoor activities.

Of the three attractions highlighted, “Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt” at The Rapids involves water gun attacks by staff members dressed as cannibals, and visitors must protect their treasure maps from attack while riding a raft through many twists and turns.

Those who don’t want to get wet can opt for the two remaining attractions, ‘Survivors of the Undead’ and ‘The Supernatural Ghost Tour’, where the former tasks visitors with finding vials in a desert while escaping attacks, and the second presents the soul catchers.

Visitors wishing to access all three attractions will need to purchase an additional Halloween combo ticket which costs HK$280 in addition to their general admission tickets – which costs HK$360 for an adult and HK$195 for a child aged 3 at the age of 11. old.

In 2019, Ocean Park charged HK$398 for unlimited access to all Halloween attractions. The festival was canceled for the first time in two decades last year due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The new ticket price for adults who want to experience all the attractions this year is more than HK$240 higher than the 2019 price.

But executive director of operations and entertainment Timothy Ng Sau-kin said he was confident with the new award.

“We have accumulated a lot of fans over the past few years, and we are confident that the price is easily acceptable to them,” he said.

He also explained that the price increase was due to the reduced entrance capacity and that more resources and manpower had been devoted to this year’s Halloween attractions.

Currently, Ocean Park is allowed to fill up to 75% of its capacity.