Ocean park

Ocean Park CEO Reflects on Ziplining and Glamping

Ocean Park plans to introduce new attractions upstream, including a zipline and “glamping,” said CEO Joe Wong Chi-cho, who will be leaving soon.

Wong said on a Now News television program that Ocean Park invites private organizations to develop the upper area of ​​the park around two themes: “health” and “adventure.” Attractions there should be pay-as-you-go.

Ziplines and glamping are some of the attractions that fit the “adventure” theme.
Separately, the lower area of ​​the park will be developed into a free-entry zone that will provide retail and restaurant services.

Wong added that the area will be different from shopping malls, as people can enjoy outdoor natural scenery while doing leisure activities.

Approximately 600,000 square feet of the park will be operated and built by developers under a “build, operate and transfer” model.

Wong said such a model is adopted because the design of the park would affect its operation, so having the developers in charge of the building would provide more flexibility for their operational needs.

“On the other hand, the capital investment of the park would be less so that we can bring in private companies to help with the complete transformation of Ocean Park,” he added.

Ocean Park is leaning towards having a private developer develop the lower area of ​​the park; the upper area of ​​the park could be exploited by different developers.

Wong added that Water World Ocean Park is in its final stages of preparation, expected to open in the summer. “We are currently hiring employees and training people. Everything is going well, with the hope that when the park is open, visitors will be able to enjoy a first-class experience,” he added.