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Ocean Club Resorts (Turks & Caicos) First Carbon Footprint Calculator

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands – Ocean Club Resorts, two all-suite resorts located along Grace Bay Beach, today announced a new carbon footprint calculator as part of the redesigned website. In partnership with Wayaja world leader in providing solutions that reduce environmental impact in the hospitality industry, the new module allows customers to calculate and offset their eco-influence before their visit.

“Our team has a long-standing commitment to exploring environmentally responsible practices that are both innovative and add value to the overall guest experience,” said Wilbert Mason, General Manager of Ocean Club Resorts. . “The new partnership with Wayaj to deploy a carbon footprint calculator was a natural next step in delivering positive impact travel. Customers will now have the ability to easily support sustainability initiatives for the good of the global community.

Travel with IMPPACT™

Part of a program called Travel with IMPACT™, the carbon footprint calculation engine works as a sustainable actions module that lives on the resorts new website. Travelers to Ocean Club Resorts now have the ability to accurately calculate the carbon generated by their trip and then offset it through verified projects. These actionable offsets include beach cleanups, protection of coral reefs and marine life, education on environmentally friendly practices, and more.

Clients add group size, length of tour, and choose to calculate hotel stay alone or include transportation. From there, a selection of ongoing projects will appear for guests to choose from if they decide to offset part of their stay.. Next steps for Ocean Club Resorts include implementing similar projects in the destination for guests to volunteer their time or donate monetary as actionable compensation.

Green Globe Certified

Having been the first resorts in the Turks and Caicos Islands to achieve Green Globe certification, this latest initiative further demonstrates the properties’ commitment to sustainability. Established applications of Ocean Club Resorts include purchasing environmentally friendly products, partnering with like-minded suppliers, and implementing best practices at both sites for energy reduction and garbage.

Stations continue to research innovative methods to preserve the naturally beautiful scenery which has become a sought-after travel destination. A newly redesigned website helps guests navigate all that Ocean Club resorts have to offer, including from a sustainability and community impact perspective.

The two all-suite resorts offer the perfect setting for families, couples, solo explorers, groups of friends and more. All along the famous Grace Bay beach.