Ocean park

New resort for Ocean Park

Ocean Park wants to develop glamping and zipline facilities on its hill to turn into a resort, an operations manager has said.

In an interview with Sing Tao Daily, Timothy Ng Sau-kin, executive director of operations and entertainment, said the park needed to reposition itself.

“We are no longer just an amusement park. We will be a resort,” he said.

To cut costs, the park will phase out its old rides — including the Ferris wheel and mining train — and continue to operate seven or eight of them. These will all be rides launched within the last decade.

The park’s annual reports indicate that maintenance costs have ranged from HK$150 million to HK$190 million over the past three years, or 12 percent of its operating costs.

The park will begin hiring operators for three new attraction areas, as the Ocean Park Corporation (Amendment) Bill released in June allows the park to outsource some of its operations.

A downstream leisure, shopping and dining area will be open to the public free of charge, while the upstream areas will focus on adventure and health. Both will take advantage of the sea view to attract visitors.

The park wants to hire a company to build and operate zipline facilities near the former Mine Train and Raging River rides.

Activities like hiking, yoga and camping could be developed near another retired ride, The Abyss, to appeal to young people and families, Ng said.

With no tourists amid the pandemic, the park has held new events to attract local visitors, in addition to regular seasonal events such as Halloween Fest.

To celebrate Halloween this year, Ocean Park has already started hosting a limited-time “Ghostly Glamping” event – costing HK$6,888 for a tent with up to four people.

Visitors can enjoy priority access to three interactive attractions: Survivor of the Undead, Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt and Supernatural Ghost Tour, as well as to watch a spooky wedding ceremony – the wedding of the living dead, with actors in make-up by professional artists.

Those who prefer to stay away from ghosts can still enjoy nature at night with Starry Summit Glamping.

Meanwhile, a “Doggies’ Groovy Weekend” will take place on October 9, which targets dog owners, who can visit the park with their pets.