Ocean park

Mega-urban project Vinhomes Ocean Park 2

Highlights of the project include an 18 ha marine park complex with artificial waves – Royal Wave Park, 4 seasons Tropical Paradise Bay Park – the indoor and outdoor complex over 12 hectares.

After commissioning and connecting with Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, it will be a world-class marine mega-city complex with a scale of over 1,000ha, creating a shiny new “Ocean District” in the east of Hanoi.

Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire is located in a prime location, just 3 minutes from Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, directly connecting the Hanoi-Haiphong highway and especially with the ring road 3.5 passing through the center of the project.

In addition, the project takes full advantage of the modern transportation network in the east of the capital with outstanding growth potential, such as Thanh Tri Bridge, Vinh Tuy 1 Bridge currently and Vinh Tuy 2 Bridge, Ngoc Hoi Bridge and Me So. bridge, which will soon be open to traffic.

Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire is located in a prime location, inheriting the completed transportation infrastructure of Eastern Hanoi

The Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire has many super utilities unprecedented in Vietnam. The focus is on the largest marine park complex in the world with artificial waves – Royal Wave Park with a total area of ​​up to 18 hectares. This park includes Asia’s first saltwater lake Laguna over 9 hectares, a complex of 6 wave pools with over 5 hectares applying state-of-the-art wave generation technology.

There is also the 4-season Tropical Paradise Bay with over 12 hectares which is the largest in Asia, including an inland saltwater sea with an area of ​​almost 5,000 square meters, perfectly connected to the Lagoon Lake. over 3.2 hectares of outdoor space and a complex of Olympic-style mini water parks and swimming pools and a variety of attractive public services, providing a unique and exciting “life at sea” experience for local residents.

The project has many unprecedented super-utilities, worthy of a world-class marine mega-urban complex

In addition to the leading marine super-utilities in the world and the continent, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire also holds extraordinary world-class facilities such as: the City of Light with more than 5.8 hectares, with the Place de l Empire of more than 3 hectares, the iconic tower – the Goddess of Light more than 35m high; the almost 1 km long “Kingdom of Light” pedestrian street, re-imagining the magnificent Paris, the Parc de l’Empire (a set of three interconnected parks – Khai Hoan Park, Light Park, Love Park); a complex of dozens of swimming pools; dozens of green indoor parks with unique architecture and scenery inspired by famous world landmarks. All create a livable ecological urban complex with world-class public services and landscapes.

In terms of design, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire brings together the world’s architectural elite. The City of Light, Coral, Dates, Green Palms, Sea Gull, Starfish, Pearls, Green Bay, Taste of Sea, Palm Island, Blue Waves and Paradise subdivisions crystallize the beauty of designs from around the world.

From the classic European style infused with French characteristics and the liberal spirit of the United States to the brilliant beauty of the Mediterranean style and Franco-Vietnamese architecture or the magnificent luxury of wealthy Monaco, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – L’Empire has everything to please, bringing a new “Ocean District” that shines with a unique and fascinating cultural color.

World’s largest marine park complex with artificial waves – Royal Wave Park – Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 super utilities – The Empire

Besides the exceptional scale and huge investment capital for the cityscape, there is a state-of-the-art and most livable utility system. At Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire, there will be Vincom Mega Mall with a total area of ​​7.45 ha; Vinmec Health Resort which is a 5-star hospital, including 18 presidential villas combined with a resort appearing for the first time in Vietnam; a diverse system of high quality schools; and dozens of multi-style, multi-experience utility complexes exclusively for future residents.

In particular, the whole utility system will be connected with the existing utility system of Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, such as Vincom Mega Mall, VinUni, TechnoPark smart office tower, etc., forming an integrated utility ecosystem. scale and class unprecedented in Vietnam.

The coastal deck is inspired by the wings of oysters releasing a pearl – and is the perfect place to play and check in to Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire

It is expected that after its commissioning and connection with Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire will form a world-class marine mega-urban complex, contributing to a dramatic change in the appearance of the east from Hanoi. With its preeminent scale and growth potential in the present and future, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire is also considered a key project for the real estate market in 2022.

Launch of the Sea-park complex with artificial waves Royal Wave Park

On April 30, 2022, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 – The Empire opened the world’s largest marine park complex with artificial waves – the Royal Wave Park.

Royal Wave Park has a total area of ​​up to 18 hectares, including Asia’s first Laguna saltwater lake with an area of ​​over 9.3 hectares, six wave pools with an area of ​​5.4 hectares and a 1 hectare white sand park.

The center of the park is the 30m Hoang Gia mountain, surrounded by a system of amusement parks, entertainment, restaurants, etc., forming the largest and most modern water park complex in Hanoi.