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Creative content strategy for Ocean Park during the pandemic

The global scale and uncertainties associated with the pandemic are having a significant impact on almost every business. However, Ocean Park made the most of its social media platforms to communicate with the public during its closure from January to September 2020.

In partnership with its long-time digital agency MUSE, Ocean Park launched a social media campaign “Connecting with Social Media During Park Closure” that reached over 19 million digital audiences. The team created a variety of content that caught the attention of the public and proudly received the award for the best use of social media – Gold Award at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE Markies Awards 2021.

train like animals post“The biggest challenge for Ocean Park since the COVID-19 outbreak is the huge drop in tourists and visitors,” said Rose Yeung, Marketing Director of Ocean Park.

“Social media platforms have become the only way for us to connect with our fans and audiences. It was great to see our fans enjoying the interactive and fun content we created for the park! she added.

The new content strategy focuses on the theme “Stay connected, stay closer”.

“We aim to strengthen our connection with the public and improve engagement with them in the virtual world,” said Catherine Wong, Chief Commercial Officer of MUSE.

“We also advocate continuing the park’s mission in promoting social education and conservation. With that in mind, we’ve come up with new content mainstays like animals and nature, staying connected with the public during COVID, and the virtual park experience. All of these contain a wide variety of engaging and lighthearted content,” Wong added.

Animals and Nature
To keep fans connected with the adorable animals amid social distancing, the team has created a new YouTube channel, “Redd’s Nature Play Party.” The channel contains fun, entertaining and educational animal and nature videos that parents and children can learn from home. In addition, a wide range of content related to the daily life of animals has been created and published on Facebook and Instagram. Even though the park is closed, animal lovers can still find out what’s going on with their favorite animals. They can also witness the heartwarming bonds between animals and their keepers through Facebook Live.

Stay connected with the public during COVID
Although people can’t visit the park, the brand still wants to convey the message ‘we’re all in, we fight together’. This content pillar includes various short videos that highlight the hygiene measures implemented in the park and positive messages to lift people’s spirits. This type of content helps to improve the sentiment and association of the brand, which are necessary in times of difficulty. photo of fight against covid

Virtual park experience
This section contains visual content, ranging from unique virtual rides to beautiful scenery to evoke warm and fun memories of Ocean Park.

The carefully planned and executed campaign achieved great success on social media. Over 142,400 digital pledges were received throughout the campaign period. “Making content relevant to the market is the key to success. We are absolutely delighted to see the social media campaign receiving such an enthusiastic response from the public,” commented Yardley Luk, Associate Director of Digital and Social Media at MUSE.

This article is sponsored by MUSE.