Ocean park

Countless Dead Sea Creatures Wash Up at Ocean Park in Lompoc

On Wednesday, residents of Ocean Park were just looking to get some fresh air and exercise on the beach, but they didn’t know what would be waiting for them on the shore – countless dead sea life washed up on the shore and people want to know why.

“It’s devastating. It’s very, very sad to see them come here to breathe and they can’t even breathe,” said a resident who was walking in Ocean Park on Wednesday.

“That’s a lot of dead fish. Lots of dead fish everywhere,” added Lompoc resident Shianne Wallace.

Some local students were on a field trip to Ocean Park on Wednesday when they stumbled across the scene.

“We’re here with the AP Environmental Science class from Lompoc High School,” Julia Aragon said. “We are here to learn more about invasive species along the beach.”

Aragon says she and her classmates had no idea they would encounter the Dead Sea Creatures as part of their school outing.

“I thought it was a little weird because there’s so much fish and the smell is so strong, so it’s really shocking,” she added.

Despite the abundance of fish on the shore, the Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services team says their closest water testing site to Ocean Park found no bacteria or pathogens. raised human.

As to the cause of this event, locals speculated.

“I was a little sad about it. I’m a little more confused. I don’t really know how it works or what happened,” Wallace added.

KSBY News contacted the South Coast Region for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and they said a member of their team would be traveling to Ocean Park to investigate. They say it’s too early for them to determine a cause at this time.