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Best things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong in October 2022

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Ocean Park Hong Kong, long before our daughter was born. We have always enjoyed pandas and it was fun to spend a few hours in Hong Kong on the weekends. Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine theme park with animal exhibits, rides, a play area for young children and a wide variety of shows. A portion of the entrance fee goes to wildlife conservation programs in Hong Kong and Asia. We don’t live in Hong Kong anymore, but we go there regularly. We always go to Ocean Park at least once per trip.

It’s located on the island where we usually live, it’s a bit easier to get to than Hong Kong Disneyland, it’s maybe cheaper, and it’s generally less hectic. As Hong Kong’s oldest family theme park, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a treasured attraction that many locals have special childhood memories they cherish. With fun activities and rides, restaurants and even educational offerings, all set in a comfortable environment, Ocean Park is a perfect day trip for families living in the city and travelers who want to experience the real and authentic Hong Kong with their children. .

Here is the list of the best things to do in Ocean Park Hong Kong

enjoy the rides

From adrenaline rushes to laid-back activities, there’s no shortage of things to do when it comes to Ocean Park Hong Kong’s attractions. While thrill seekers can really test their limits, round after round kids and well-adjusted guests get their money’s worth. The Abyss is one of the most energetic activities in Ocean Park Hong Kong, a must for adrenaline junkies. Get ready with your camera for a 2 minute ride on the Raging River if you are on the valley side. Climb aboard a cable car and enjoy mesmerizing views of the surrounding area from impressive heights.

Let your kids have fun at Whiskers Harbor

Whiskers Harbor is a small children’s playground in Ocean Park. With carnival rides, a climbing wall, a small bouncy house and various other age-appropriate rides, there’s plenty for little ones to do at Ocean Park Hong Kong. The small stage presents a great live show that entertains the little ones throughout the show. Some of the most popular activities for kids include the Bouncer House, Merry Go Round, Froghopper, and Clown a Round. From toddlers to teenagers, kids of all ages can have fun at Whisker Harbor Playground and ride on slides, seesaws, tunnels and playground equipment. The interactive shadow puppet show is a multimedia game very popular with children.

Educational meetings

For visitors who prefer a more in-depth educational experience, Ocean Park offers many other animal exhibits. See otters at Panda Village and furry koalas at Adventure in Australia, see native pandas at Amazing Asian Animals and sharks at Shark Mystique, and see adorable king penguins at Polar Adventure! The amusement park also offers special animal experiences where you and the kids can get up close to the animals, learn about conservation, their daily routines, and see for yourself how they are cared for by their trainers.

Explore the Ocean Park Eco Trail

Nestled between Brick Hill and Aberdeen amidst lush flora, the Eco Trail connects bustling Hong Kong with greenery. After a day of activities at Ocean Park Hong Kong, you can sit back and relax in the soothing natural surroundings. It’s also a great place to learn more about Hong Kong’s biodiversity. You can hear the strange calls of the world’s largest and smallest toucans, green aracari, toco toucans and colorful poison dart frogs. You may also see pygmy marmosets, capybaras, and other animals hiding and sneaking under the foliage that have adapted to the park’s environment. The rainforest through which the trail passes is home to the largest freshwater fish in the world, the big-eyed kinkajou and arapaima.

Catch a live show at the Ocean Theater

The Ocean Theater presents live performances to highlight the urgent need to protect the marine ecosystem. Visitors can explore the true treasures of the underwater world and get up close to marine life. The best thing about this theater is that you can see various rare animals having fun here with their masters, including dolphins and sea lions. The fact that you have the opportunity to meet and greet these animals is worth the worth trying this activity.

Discover the Symbio program

This is Ocean Park’s signature nighttime spectacle, held regularly at Aqua City Lagoon. The circular lagoon fountain serves as the projection for this sensational show, the world’s first and only 360 degree water screen show. The Symbio show shows two dragons, Yin and Yang, who fought constantly, but eventually made peace and created this world. With fire explosions, pyrotechnics, music and animation, watching this cartoon show is one of Ocean Park Hong Kong’s most coveted activities and the perfect way to end your sightseeing excursion. a day at the park.

A break with a view

There’s a lot to explore in Ocean Park, so for lunch, catch a show at the Ocean Theater about an adventurer’s journey to discover the beauty of the sea and its people. Next, head to the Ocean Park Tower, a 360-degree rotating observation tower that rises 200m above sea level, allowing guests to gaze out over the park and enjoy the view magnificent over Aberdeen and neighboring islands. . End the day snapping photos in Old Hong Kong, a street dedicated to Hong Kong’s 1950s-1970s era, with retro decorations, street food, games and souvenirs – a picture-perfect setting that visitors understand and enjoy to take a look at Hong Kong’s past.

Take a cable car ride

A 25-minute cable car ride from one end of the park to the other is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities in Ocean Park Hong Kong. If you don’t have a faint heart, this is for you. The fact that the whole cable car is supported by a single cable takes a bit of courage, although inside it is completely safe. The breathtaking view of the green against the turquoise waters of the South China Sea will be the bonus of the trip.

Have fun in Aqua City

Aqua City is a complete show that will take your kids beyond entertainment to include conservation, education and lots of fun. The highlight of Aqua City is the panty-shaped Grand Aquarium, home to more than 5,000 marine animals, including scalloped hammerhead shark, Japanese skipjack tuna, manta ray and many more. Let your little ones experience sea cucumbers and starfish up close in the touch pool. Trust us, this is one of Ocean Park Hong Kong’s most exciting activities for kids. In the Bubble Tunnel you can dive without getting wet. Finally, don’t leave the park without seeing the multi-sensory show Symbio, the world’s first and only 360-degree water screen show.

Dine at Neptune Restaurant

Serving contemporary Chinese dishes in a stunning underwater setting, Neptune is a hallmark of quality, innovation and sophistication among foodies. Using the finest seasonal ingredients from around the world and serving delicious dishes in style, the restaurant has started a new culinary trend in Hong Kong. Located inside the Grand Aquarium, the restaurant offers stunning views of a huge school of goldfish while enjoying its gourmet dishes. The restaurant’s extensive facilities also make it ideal for wedding receptions and other corporate events.

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