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Barbe-Queen: An oasis in Ocean Park | coastal life

The owners of Barbe-Queen Allen Jung and Queen Katsuta with their children.

The Long Beach Peninsula is a must-see for many who appreciate the Pacific Northwest, including its outdoor recreation opportunities and local artisanal seafood. But for those driving north to Ocean Park, Washington, Polynesian cuisine awaits.

Partners Allen Jung and Queen Katsuta are co-owners of Barbe-Queen, a restaurant specializing in Polynesian barbecue, American dishes and Asian cuisine. The restaurant is known for its barbecue dishes, including Polynesian ribs and glazed island chicken. The menu also features delicious dishes like chop suey, clam chowder, and yakisoba, among others.

For Katsuta and Jung, who are both of Samoan origin, the restaurant’s offer is a reflection of their culture.

“We wanted to represent our culture and our culture is to serve. We try to make everything as close as possible to being in Samoa and getting that experience,” Jung said. “Granted, we are the only Samoans in our community, so we teach our employees our way of serving, our way of cooking, while bringing all of that into the community.”

Jung is the entrepreneur and business side of the duo, while Katsuta is the star chef, hence the name of the restaurant.

“I’m an entrepreneur, so I dreamed of opening a restaurant, but I’m not a cook. So when Queen and I got together, I proposed to her. She never thought of her cooking as something people would like, but she tastes very expensive, so she would turn normal meals into gourmet meals. I was like, ‘I’m pretty sure there’s something here,'” Jung said.

Barbe-Queen is located in Ocean Park, at the tip of the Long Beach peninsula. Jung and Katsuta originally hoped to have a food truck at the peninsula port.

Barbecue dish with egg

A dish consisting of an egg and a pineapple and orange soda.

“It happened overnight. We were supposed to be a food truck, but the opportunity came for Queen and me,” Jung said. “It was new to us, but with the support system we have, we were able to make our first year a good one.”

Dish Beard-Queen

Barbe-Queen serves Polynesian cuisine on the Long Beach Peninsula.

The restaurant will soon be expanded to a food truck in Long Beach. In early June, the Long Beach City Council approved a request to create an outdoor food court, featuring Barbe-Queen and food trucks from other restaurants.

The next hurdle for the pair was traffic, with few making it to the tip of the peninsula. “We are proud to market and drive traffic in the North. If there is no traffic, we will create it ourselves,” Jung said.

The couple plans to add more decorations to their Ocean Park restaurant in the coming year. “We don’t want to be just a restaurant, we want it to be an experience. One thing Queen is really great at is interior design. When you come from outside, we want the inside to feel like an oasis,” Jung said.

BBQ shrimp and rice

A barbecue shrimp dish, served with a side of rice.

A popular feature of Barbe-Queen is a world map where visitors can add a pin indicating where they are from. The restaurant has been visited by travelers near and far. “The response from the community has been exceptional. It was a huge success for us,” Jung said.