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Water World Ocean Park – “Asia’s first all-weather, year-round oceanfront water park” – is set to open to the public on September 21, 2021.

As we say goodbye to some of the thrills of Ocean Park at the end of August, a new adventure is on the way! Originally planned for 2017, Hong Kongers have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Water World Ocean Park – and that day has almost arrived. Spanning over 55,740 square meters and featuring 27 different water attractions, tickets are on sale now and doors are set to open on September 21, 2021. Hoping to grab a ticket? Here’s what you need to know when booking…

Here is what we can expect from Water World Ocean Park:

Water World Ocean Park will open to the public on September 21, 2021, four years after its scheduled opening in 2017.

How can I book Water World Ocean Park tickets? How much will they cost?

The online ticket booking portal is now open and can be booked directly from the website. The official opening offer of Water World Ocean Park costs 320 HKD for adults and 225 HKD for children, but this will be subject to seasonal adjustments. Seniors and people with disabilities can purchase tickets for HK$150.

It should be noted, however, that the park will initially open at half capacity, initially allowing 4,500 visitors. There will also be a shuttle service from the Ocean Park MTR station, which will take approximately 15 minutes.

Rainbow Rush

What rides can I expect to find at the park?

Guests will be invited to explore five different themed areas: ‘Splendid Reef’, ‘Torrential River’, ‘Hidden Village’, ‘Adventure Coast’ and ‘Thrill Valley’. In these areas, there are over 27 indoor and outdoor attractions to experience, including Hong Kong’s first surf simulator, Surf Striker, and nine adrenaline-filled water slides, indoor and outdoor wave pools, lazy rivers and a children’s area.

Thrill seekers will love the twists and turns of Thrill River and Torrential River, while those looking to relax and soak up the atmosphere on a sunny day can experience Adventure Cost at their leisure – complete with a refreshment or two. Guests will also be treated to special daytime and nighttime entertainment at the Horizon Cove Show Stage.

Keyless lockers can be rented from HK$20 (mini storage locker) – HK$280 (jumbo storage locker) for a full day and can be accessed at any time throughout your rental period, depending on the first come, first served principle.

Do I need to be vaccinated before visiting Water World Ocean Park?

Although vaccination against Covid-19 is not mandatory to enter Water World Ocean Park, it will be encouraged. Visitors will not be required to wear a mask when riding the waterslides or enjoying the attractions, but will be asked to wear one when not on the rides. Water quality will be constantly monitored and tested to ensure it meets international safety and health standards, and guests will be required to pass through a water curtain and footbath before entering the facilities. water park play areas.

All images courtesy of Ocean Park Hong Kong