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R.M.S. Olympic - White Star Line
"R.M.S. Olympic" - "Old Reliable", September 1907 - October 1935

 -=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

R. M. S.   O l y m p i c


         Name: Olympic, Royal Mail Steamer
      Owners: White Star Line Ltd, Southampton - New York  (A div. of IMM)
                    J. P. Morgan-CEO IMM, J. Bruce Ismay-Mg. Dir. White Star Line
      Registry: Liverpool, England, Great Britain
       Current: TBD
      Insurers: Lloyd's of London Indemnity Ltd, London, England, Great Britain
 Vs-Number: TBD
  Marconi-ID: ???, Frequency: 200 KHz, 5 Watts DC
        Length: 882' 9 ½" length overall (LOA)
                     710' 5"  between perpendiculars (BP)
          Beam: 92' 6 ½" amidships at the waterline
           Draft: 59' 2 ¼" bottom center of keel to waterline
         Height: 60' 6 ½" waterline to boat deck,
                     175' from the keel to tops of her funnels
     Tonnage: 45,.328 GRT, 23,680 Net
         Sisters: 2 - White Star Steamship Company Ltd. (White Star Line)
                     Originally: White Star Steamship Navigation Company Limited
           #1: RMS Titanic     882'9"x92x59 46,439 05/31/1911 H#401 Y#701 H&W
            Collided iceberg, 04/14/1912, sank.  Found 09/01/1985 by the
            Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the French.  Wreck
            was filmed and photographed.
          #2: HMHS Britannic 903x94x59 48,158 10/21/1914 #433 #733 H&W
            Sunk (Torpedo/Mine), Tues, 21 Nov 1916, 8:00 AM
            Aegean Sea, Laying on her starboard side, facing North
            Appearance dove white, buff funnels, teal stripe, red
            cross markings, double skinned all the way to B deck,
            watertight doors all the way to E deck, more lifeboats
            found by Cousteau Society, Jun 1975, later filmed and
            photographed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
            Sank in 55 min, her captain tried to beach her The shipwreck is
             heavily damaged, and a very dangerous diving hazard. Do
             Not Attempt This! Without a wreck site map, and the proper
             assistance. Cables, wires, twisted metal, etc. With very
             merky water, and no visibility. You must also have the
             owners' written permission first, to dive this site. You
             can NOT remove/take any items/relics from the wreck.
  Features: Open forward Promenade deck windows
                  Britannic is setup similarly, the Olympic
                  is not, her windows are all open. Britannic
                  has more stuff on her stern as well
                  2 large glass sky-lights each
    Funnels: 4 Total; each with steam whistle
                  3 Active
                  1 Ventilator (False)
                  12 Tension cables each (6 per side)
                  Angle of rake: 3.27ø, even height, oval body
                  No sign of, nor found in the wreck site debris field
     Colors: Black over White Star "Buff", Ivory over Black,
                 w/4' gold pin-stripe from bow to stern,
                 Waterline: keel terra-cotta red, bronze propellers
   Pennant: Red, w/White star, flying the flags of Britain & USA
          Bow: Icebreaker, 2 anchors, 1 crane, 1 mast, 1 forward hatch
        Stern: Cross-channel, 1 rudder, 1 aft docking bridge, 2 cranes
           Hull: Steel frame, wood structures, steel inner/outer skins,
                   teak decking, steel funnels, wood masts (spruce),
                   1 mast aft promenade deck, stabilizer wings on keel,
                   double bottom up to keel base, compass tower on sun deck
                   located amidships between funnels 2 & 3
   Builder: Harland & Wolff Ltd, Queens Island, Northern Belfast, Ireland, UK
   Yard #: 700
     Hull #: 400
     Pier #: 9
    Birth #: 415 (White Star Pier, New York)
       Cost: £1.75 Million Pounds Sterling - (Circa 1912)
                $650-900 Million U.S. Dollars - (Circa 1999)
Constructn: September 1907 - May 1910
  Launched: May 1910
Christened: TBD
  Fitted Out: May 31st, 1911 - April 1st, 1912
    Fitted By: Thompson & Sons Ltd, Queens Island, Belfast, Northern Ireland
     Fitted At: East side, northern most, fitting out basin
         Trials: __/__/1910
        Decks: 11 Total; Sun deck, Boat (A deck), Promenade (B deck),
                    decks C-G, Orlop deck (boilers, furnaces, engines,
                    watertight doors, watertight compartments, shaft ally ways)
Passengers: 1,324 Total (Single Occupancy)
                     329 1st Class, 285 2nd Class, 710 3rd Class
    Capacity: 3,547 Total  (Double Occupancy)
   Life vests: 3,560
   Life rings: 49
   Her Crew: 899 Total
           Capt: Edward John Smith (Maiden voyage)
      Regular: TBD
           Exec: TBD
              1st: TBD
             2nd: TBD
              3rd: TBD
              4th: TBD
              5th: TBD
              6th: TBD
            Qms: TBD (Helmsman)
                      Including crew as assigned by White Star Line.
    Lookouts: AM: Richard Symons, Archibald Jewell
                     PM: Frederick Fleet, Reginold Lee
                     Bow crows nest, none aft
Crows Nest: 1, on the main mast at the bow
    Wireless: Jack Phillips, Harold Bride
                    Marconi Telegraph Company
Radio Room: Boat deck, port side, behind the bridge
 SignalLamp: 2; Port & starboard bridge wings, boat deck
   Engines: 2 Reciprocating, inverted 4 cylinder,
                 triple expansion, direct acting, steam driven,
                 30,000 bhp @ 75 rpm, turbines; port & starboard wings
                1 Parsons, low pressure, geared steam turbine;
                16,000 bhp @ 165 rpm, amidships
     Props: 3 Total; Bronze, from builders
                1 Amidships: 16', cone cap, quad blade
                1 Port Wing: 23'6", not capped, trebled
                1 Starboard Wing: 23'6", not capped, tri-blade
   Boilers: 29 Total;  Denny & Sons, Liverpool, steam, coal fired
                24 Double ended, 5 Single ended, 215 PSI each
Furnaces: 159 Total;, active heat surface of 144,142 square feet
        Fuel: Coal; 650,000 Tons/total, 825 Tons/day
     Water: 14,000 Gal. of fresh water - per day
   Rudder: 1, Aft, amidships, 100 Tons, 6 hinges - was to small.
  Anchors: 2; Port/Starboard Bow, 27 Tons/ea.
    Cranes: 9 Total; Electric
                 1 Bow (for anchors)
                 2 Forecastle Well deck
                 2 Aft Promenade deck
                 2 Aft Well deck
                 2 Aft Fantail deck
CargoHolds: 9 Total
                    6 Standard      (Decks B / C)
                    2 Refrigerated (Decks D / E)
                    1 Mail room     (Deck F)
 Elevators: 2 Total
                 1 A deck - D deck
                 1 D deck - G deck
                 Take stairs down to Orlop deck
     Stairs: Many; Compass deck - Orlop deck
    Doors: 16 Total; Electro-magnetic,
                Watertight doors, extending up to F deck (not to ceiling)
     Davits: 14; Wellin, double acting; w/Murray's Safety gears
Lifeboats: 20 Boats Total
                 Lifeboat total capacity: 1,178 souls
                 14 Wooden lifeboats
                 65 souls each - 30'0" L x 9'1" W x 4'0" D
                   2 Wooden cutters
                 40 souls each - 25'2" L x 7'2" W x 3'0" D
                   4 Engelhardt collapsibles
                 47 souls each - 27'5" L x 8'0" W x 3'0" D
     Speed: 20 knots - 23½ knots
    Demise: Scrapped, Jarrow's, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, 1936-1937 (Superstructure)
                  Thomas Ward, Fife, Scotland (Hull)
      Route: Queenstown (Cobh) - Cherbourg - Southampton - New York


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