White Star Line


 -=[ A List of The White Star Line Ships ]=-

 -=[ 19th Century ]=-

 Year   Ship's Name
 1871  Oceanic
 1872  Tropic
 1873  Asiatic, Celtic, Britannic, Gaelic
 1874  Britannic, Corinthic
 1875  Germanic
 1881  Arabic, Nordic
 1883  Ionic, Victorian, Arabic, Doric, Armenian, Homeric
 1885  Belgic, Arabic, Gaelic, Romantic, Cufic, Cretic, Majestic
 1889  Runic, Republic, Pittsburgh, Teutonic
 1890  Majestic, Cufic
 1891  Nomadic, Baltic, Regina, Tauric, Tropic
 1892  Naronic, Adriatic, Laurentic, Bovic
 1893  Gothic, Megantic
 1894  Cevic
 1895  Georgic
 1897  Delphic, Traffic, Baltic
 1898  Cymric, Olympic
 1899  Afric, Belgic, Republic, Medic, Zealandic, Adriatic, Oceanic

 -=[ 20th Century ]=-

 Year   Ship's Name
 1900  Runic, Belgic
 1900  Suevic, Lapland
 1902  Athenic
 1903  Cedric, Mobile
 1904  Canopic
 1907  Gallic, Calgaric
 1909  Laurentic
 1910  Zeelandic, Pontic
 1911   Nomadic, Atlantic, Olympic
 1912   Titanic, Celtic, Persic, Ceramic, Traffic

 -=[ First World War ]=-

 Year   Ship's Name
 1914  Vaterland, Britannic, Gigantic (was built as Britannic)
 1917  Belgic
 1918  Vedic

 -=[ Post World War I ]=-

 Year   Ship's Name
 1919  Bardic, Ionic
 1920  Gallic, Coptic
 1921  Haverford
 1922  Poland
 1923  Doric
 1925  Delphic
 1927  Albertic, Magnetic
 1930  Britannic
 1932  Georgic

The White Star Line ceased operations in 1935.  Their last and sloe remaining ship, the "R.M.S. Olympic", had suffered an
accident in May 1934.  She collided with the Nantucket Lightship, which then sank.  There was no damage to the bow of
"Olympic".  She sat idle, at her builders for two years, and then was sold to the breakers.  The White Star Line was officially
purchased by their rival Cunard, in 1935.  But the assets and holdings of company were finally liquidated in the end of 1937.
And the blended Cunard-White Star Line, reverted back to the CUnard Line name.

Several ships were operated by the merged Cunard-White Star Line.  "R.M.S. Queen Mary", "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth",
and at that present time, the "R.M.S. Mauretania II", and "R.M.S. Majestic".

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