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HMHS Britannic - White Star Line - British Royral Navy
"H.M.H.S. Britannic", October 1909 - November 1916

This page carries a photographic, and painted representational set of art work for the HMHS Britannic.  The art that is found and seen here is Copyright © to their respective original photographer, painter, and renderers.

-=[ Constructing A Giant ]=-

The White Star Line announcement of the new "Gigantic".
Which was later renamed to Britannic, after the sinking of
the RMS Titanic.

The HMHS Britannic, being built at Harland & Wolff.

The HMHS Britannic, just after her launch.

The HMHS Britannic, gets her boilers installed at
her builders' Harland and Wolff, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland.
(Double ended shown)

-=[ Her Life & Career ]=-

The aft of the HMHS Britannic.

The HMHS Britannic, as a hospital ship for the Royal Navy.

The HMHS Britannic, under way.

The HMHS Britannic, being tendered by her tugs.

A beautiful computer rendering of the HMHS Britannic.

A nice portrait of the HMHS Britannic.

-=[ The Demise of A Heroine ]=-

U-73, a German World War I, submarine believed to have
laid the mines or torpedoes, that sank the HMHS Britannic.

The HMHS Britannic, as she is sinking.

The HMHS Britannic, as she really looks today.

A concept photo of how the HMHS Britannic would look today.

This map depicts the location of where the HMHS Britannic sank.

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