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H.M.H.S. Britannic - White Star Line - British Royal Navy
"H.M.H.S. Britannic", October 1909 - November 1916

-=[ Ships Specifications ]=-

H. M. H. S.   B r i t a n n i c


      Name: Britannic, His Majesty's Hospital Ship, (British Royal Navy)
    Project: "Big Three", original name was "Gigantic", developed at a
                 dinner party in September 1907, at the home of Lord Perrie.
   Owners: White Star Line Ltd, Southampton - New York  (A div. of IMM)
                  J. P. Morgan-CEO IMM, J. Bruce Ismay-Mg. Dir. White Star Line
   Registry: Liverpool, England, Great Britain
    Insurers: Lloyd's of London Indemnity Ltd, London, England, Great Britain
Marconi-ID: ???, Frequency: 2OO KHz, 5 Watts DC
      Length: 903' 6 ¼" length overall (LOA)
                   800' between perpendiculars (BP)
        Beam: 94' 6 ½" amidships at the waterline
         Draft: 59' 2 ¼" bottom Centre of keel to waterline
       Height: 60' 6 ½" waterline to boat deck,
                   175' from the keel to tops of her funnels
   Tonnage: 48,158 GRT, 26,4OO Net
      Sisters: 2 - White Star Steamship Company Ltd. (White Star Line)
                  Originally: White Star Steamship Navigation Company Limited
           #1: RMS Olympic     882x92x59 45,328 1909 H#400 Y#700 H&W
            On 1st voyage, dropped blade off port propeller. sent to H&W.
            Collided Nantucket Lightship, May 1934, not damaged, was
            withdrawn from White Star service in April 1935.  She was
            scrapped 1936, Jarrow, Scotland, Appearance is same as
            RMS Titanic, except for open forward Promenade windows
            A very quiet and uneventful career.  The White Star Line
            was merged later in 1937, to the Cunard-White Star Line.
            WSL liquidated 1951.  Cunard line returned to original name.
          #2: RMS Titanic   882'9"x92x59 46,439 05/31/1911 H#401 Y#701 H&W
           Titanic struck an iceberg, on 14 Apr 1912, Sat. at 11:40 PM (GMT)
           she finally sank on 15 Apr 1912, Sun. at 2:20 AM (GMT).  705 souls
           rescued by RMS Carpathia (Cunard/1906).  1,518 passengers & crew
           perished on that horrible, cold, dark, and lonely night.  The RMS
           Titanic was found on 1 Sep 1985, Sat. @ 6:55 AM (GMT) by the WHOI-
           Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute research team.  Led by Dr. Robert
           Ballard, and a French scientist.  What a wonderful find...
Features: No public features.  Converted to a hospital ship 1914.
  Funnels: 4 Total; each with steam whistle
                3 Active
                1 Ventilator (False)
                12 Tension cables each (6 per side)
                Angle of rake: 3.27ø, even height, oval body
                6 retention cables on each side.
   Colors: Dove white, White Star "Buff" funnels, teal stripe
               and red cross markings, standard terra-cotta red keel.
               HMHS Britannic never wore the White Star Line livery.
               The only similarity to White Star, was the "buff" funnels.
 Pennant: Flying the flag of Britain.
       Bow: Icebreaker, 2 anchors, 1 crane, 1 mast, 1 forward hatch
     Stern: Cross-channel, 1 rudder, 1 aft docking bridge, 2 cranes
        Hull: 6' x 10' x 2.5cm rolled, and riveted, plate steel.
                Steel frame, wood structures, steel inner/outer skins,
                teak decking, steel funnels, wood masts (spruce),
               1 main mast on the bow, with light, bell, and crow's nest.
               1 mast aft promenade deck, stabilizer wings on keel,
               double bottomed up to "E" deck, and double skinned all
               the way up to "B" deck, and the compass tower on sun
               deck, located amidships between funnels 2 & 3
    Builder: Harland & Wolff Ltd, Queens Island, Northern Belfast, Ireland
    Yard #: 733
      Hull #: 433
    Birth #: ???
       Cost: 175 Million Pounds Sterling (Original/Circa 1914)
 Constructn: August 191O - November 1914, the building was
                    paused during 1912, and part of 1913, after the
                    Titanic incident, and to make changes to her base
  Launched: Oct. 1913, 9:3O AM (GMT)
Christened: Unknown, By: Unknown
Passengers: 1,324.  Never saw commercial service.
    Capacity: 3,547 Total (Double Occupancy)
   Life vests: 3,56O
   Life rings: 49
       Crew: 899 Total
            Capt: W. A. Flemming
             Exec: TBD
             1st: TBD
             2nd: TBD
             3rd: TBD
             4th: TBD
             5th: TBD
             6th: TBD
             Qms: TBD (Helmsman)
             Incl: Hospital ship staff and crew as assigned.
            AM: TBD
            PM: TBD
            Crows Nest: 2 Total;
            1 on the main mast at the bow
      Wireless: TBD
Radio Room: Boat deck, port side, behind the bridge
 SignalLamp: 2; Port & starboard bridge wings, boat deck
      Engines: 2 Reciprocating, inverted 4 cylinder,
                     triple expansion, direct-acting, steam driven,
                    3O,OOO bhp @ 75 rpm, turbines.
                    1 Parsons, low pressure, geared steam turbine;
                    16,OOO bhp @ 165 rpm, engines are from builders.
  Boilers: 29 Total; Wm. Denny & Sons, Liverpool, steam, coal fired
               24 Double ended, 5 Single ended, 215 PSI each
 Furnaces: 159 Total;
                   Active heat surface of 144,142 square feet
       Fuel: Coal; 65O,OOO Tons/total, 825 Tons/day
     Water: 14,OOO Gal. of fresh water - per day
     Props: 3 Total
                1 Center: 16', cone cap
                1 Left Wing: 23'6", no cap (7m)
                1 Right Wing: 23'6", no cap (7m)
    Rudder: 1, Aft, amidships, 64.5 Tons, 6 hinges
   Anchors: 2; Port/Starboard Bow, 27 Tons/ea.
    Cranes: 9 Total; Electric
            1 Bow (for anchors)
            2 Forecastle Well deck
            2 Aft Promenade deck
            2 Aft Well deck
            2 Aft Fantail deck
CargoHolds: 9 Total
            6 Standard     (Decks B / C)
            2 Refrigerated (Decks D / E)
            1 Mail room    (Deck F)
 Elevators: 2 Total
            1 B deck - D deck
            1 D deck - Orlop deck
    Stairs: Many; Compass deck - Orlop deck
     Doors: 16 Total; Electro-magnetic,
                 Watertight doors, extending up to F deck (not to ceiling)
    Davits: 14; Wellin, double acting; w/Murray's Safety gears
 Lifeboats: 4O Boats Total
            Lifeboat total capacity: 1,178 souls
            14 Wooden lifeboats
            65 souls each - 3O'O"L-9'1"W-4'O"D
            2 Wooden cutters
            4O souls each - 25'2"L-7'2"W-3'O"D
            4 Engelhardt collapsibles
            47 souls each - 27'5"L-8'O"W-3'O"D
  Speed: 2O knots - 23 knots
  Collision: 20+ knots
    Demise: Sunk, due to collision with an underwater mine,
                  or a German anti ship torpedo.
        Who:  U-73, a German Submarine, during World War I.
      Route: She was on route to the Mudros on the Greek island of Lemons
                  to pick up Allied WWI casualties bound for Southampton, England.
      When: 21 November 1916
TotalTime: 55 minutes.
       Place: Aegean Sea, 40 miles Southeast of Athens, Greece.
  Rescued: TBD
  Survived: All who remained
     Injured: 41
  Perished: 30

 Discovery: 4 December 1975, by Jaques cousteau, aboard the "S.S. Calypso".
      Locale: 6.75 nautical miles from her original position.  She lies in the Kea Channel.

-=[ Dive/Expedition History ]=-

    Expedition #1: Cousteau Society expedition to locate the wreck - 1975/1976  (National Geographic Society/Cousteau)
    Expedition #2: Kostas Thoctarides - 1995
    Expedition #3: Dr. Robert D. Ballard - 1995  (NOVA/WGBH-Boston Documentary)
    Expedition #4: Project Britannic - 1997

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