-=[ Her Last Voyage]=-

   It becomes painfully clear, the day a fine ship must leave the pier for her final voyage.  For those who have spent a lifetime, and possibly more aboard her, will tell you.  "It hurts to see her go..."  When you've had the chance to walk her decks, and see the sun go down onto the horizon, and smell the fresh air, and have a quiet moment or two with the "old girl" to reflect.  Your heart sobs to hear she will leave without you.  To many of us who love the sea, and the ships that sail on them, the day a ship must go to visit the cutter, is a tragedy.  Families, singles, children, and the crew who love them all weep like a baby when you give them the bad news.  For those ships we've lost, and for those, we will someday lose.  We love you.  You will be greatly missed.  And not to forget the guests, and crews, who gave so much, at the moment it really mattered, to us, you are all heroes.  And we hope that know one will ever forget your sacrifice, bravery and unselfish courage...

-=[ Ships With An Uncertain Future ]=-
  • Wilmington Transport Company's "S.S. Catalina" - Sinking, due to a hull problem, in the Ensenada, Mexico waters.  And remains partially sunk.
  • United States Lines "S.S. United States" - Is in danger of being a museum, no way!  She's special.  Put her back in service.  Update: The "S.S. United States" has been purchases by NCL, and a plan is being developed to return her to service.
  • The "Orient Princess" is under arrest at Government Mooring Buoy A38, in Hong Kong.
  • The "m/s Costa Riviera" is up for sale.  She is the former Lloyd Triestino liner "S.S. Guglielmo Marconi".  Her sister is the former Sun Lines "m/v Sun Vista".  Sank in May 1999.
  • The former car ferry "S.S. Kalakala".  Is undergoing restoration.  But needs your financial help.
And many others being temporarily berthed in Greek waters.  Someone please, go help them.  Before somebody gets a bad idea and destroys one of them.  Move quickly, if you can.  Do what it takes to save them.  NOW!

-=[ Ships Withdrawn From Service ]=-
  • The American Hawaii Cruise liner "S.S. Independence" has been withdrawn.  Laid up in San Francisco, CA.  She was purchased by NCL, but no plan for her exists.  Help save her!
  • There are currently 22 ship(s) withdrawn.  And 2 on hold.
  • P&O/Princess Cruises, "T.S.S. Fair Princess", has been sold; no further duties as a ship 09/10/2000.
  • The fleet of the World Cruise Company is withdrawn, due to ceasing of operations.
  • " Ocean Explorer I", "Riviera"
  • The fleet of the Premier Cruise Line is withdrawn, due to ceasing of operations.
  • "Rembrandt", "Seawind Crown", "IslandBreeze"
  • "Big Red Boat I", "Big Red Boat II", "Big Red Boat III"
  • The former fleet of Renaissance Cruises.  (10 ships).
  • The former fleets of American Classic Voyages Inc.  Including:
  • * American Hawaii Cruises (1 ship).
  • * Delta Queen Coastal Voyages (1 ship, 1 under construction).
  • * United States Lines (1 ship, 2 under construction).
  • The "m/v Norwegian Star" (i),  She will be transferred to new owners.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway" has been officially withdrawn from active service.  Following a boiler explosion on 25 May 2002.  She had been in lay up in Bremerhaven, Germany.  She has been towed to Port Klang, Malaysia.  She is at anchor in the Malacca Straits.

-=[ Ships That Have Been Sold ]=-
  • The "Dolphin IV" from Cape Canaveral Cruise Line.
  • The "Star Aquarius" from Star Cruises, Ltd. Japan.
  • P&O's "m/v Victoria", and P&O/Princess "m/v Pacific Princess".
  • The "Ocean Glory I" was ordered sold by the court, she is at the breakers.

-=[ Ships That Have Been Laid Up ]=-
  • The former Norwegian Cruise Lines "S.S. Norway", following a boiler explosion in May 2002.
  • The former American-Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Independence", following the company's bankruptcy in 2001.
  • The "Enchanted Capri", "Enchanted Isle", and "Crown Dynasty", of Commodore Cruise Lines. Update: this ship has been scrapped.
  • The former Cunard liner "Carinthia" is now laid up, as the "China Sea Discovery".
  • The "m/v Regina Maris" in Alexandria, Egypt.  She is scheduled to be sold.

-=[ Ships To Be Scrapped ]=-

These vessels will be scrapped, as the breaker schedule permits.  And unfortunately, there will be others...

  • July 2000, the "m/s Bluenose", has been sold to the breakers for scrapping.
  • The late "m/v Stefan Batory", has arrived in Turkey, as of 03/22/2000, for scrapping; which has begun.
  • "Aureol" & "Principe Perfeito" have both been sold for scrap in India.  Feb. 2001.
  • The "Kungsholm" a sister of "Gripsholm", is to be scrapped, in India or Pakistan.  Feb. 2001.
  • The "City of Venice" is scheduled to go to the breakers.
  • The "m/v Neptune", a former Epirotiki vessel, now owned by Royal Olympic.  Enroute to Indian breakers.
  • The "Opy", and the Italian ferry "Gallura" in Turkey.
  • The former Premier Cruises "m/v Big Red Boat II", which sailed to Alang, India as the "Rita" for scrapping. 20 July 2005.

-=[ Ships That Are Now Sunk ]=-
  • American-Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Constitution" - Sank, while being towed to the breakers, June 1997.
  • Windjammer Cruise Line's "s/v Fantome" - Sank in summer 1998 from hurricane Mitch, with all hands.
  • Sun Cruise Line's "S.S. Sun Vista" - Sank on the 20th May 1999 after being gutted by fire. 1,100+ Rescued.
  • An oil tanker, "Erika" - Sank on 12/12/1999, is reported to have possibly caused oil slick of 250 mi. in length.
  • June 2000, the Norwegian container ship "Orsay" sunk.  "m/v Oriana" rescues 9 crew, and takes them to shore.
  • July 2nd, 2000, the Norwegian passenger ferry "Chaya Bahari" sinks in storm. 10 rescued; 492 are feared dead.
  • Aug 2nd, 2000 the "Global Mariner", was sunk in a collision with the "Atlantic Crusader", in Alaska.
  • The Russian nuclear sub, "Kursk" sinks in a collision with an unknown object in Aug. 2000. 118 sailors perish.
  • Oct. 21st, 2000; the "S.S. Britanis", (Chandris Line) while under tow, to Cape Town, she sank.
  • The "Express Samina", a Greek ferry sank on Tues. October 26th 2000.  Over 60 people perished in the sinking.
  • The containership "Geta" sank, during a collision with another cargo vessel on Oct. 28th 2000.  No casualties.
  • The "Zeus III", sank when it struck rocks on Sat. Oct. 30th 2000.  One US passenger dies.
  • A Chinese oil tanker, the "Zhezhou 606" sinks in the Pearl River entrance on the 14th of Nov. 2000.
  • "City of Hydra" sinks at her moorings, her condition had been described as being poor.  Nov. 2000.
  • On Sun. 17th Dec. 2000 the former Premier Cruises "SeaBreeze I" sank, after it had reported problems. 34 crew members were picked up.
  • On Tue. 2nd Jan. 2001 the Georgian cargo ship "Pati" strikes rocks and sinks.  Over 59 feared dead.
  • The "Don Mejia III" sank while enroute to Panama's provence of Darien.  8 lives were lost.
  • "Pamyat Merkuriya" sinks during a crossing of the Black Sea.  14 dead.  She was 560 mi. south of Kiev, Ukraine.
  • "Eheme Maru" is sunk, when a US Naval submarine surfaces beneath her.  9 dead in tragic accident.  Feb. 2001.
  • Confirmation has been given, that the "Centaur" (Blue Funnel Line), and the "Fabiolaville" (Cie Maritime Belge), have both been scrapped in 1999, in South China.
  • The former Swedish America Liner "S.S. Gripsholm", and once "m/v Regent Sea".  Sank on 07/12/2001 at 5:00a CST off of the coast of the Cape of Good Hope.  83 miles SSW, in 4,200 meters of water, while under tow to the breakers in bad weather.
  • The former "m/v Shalom" has gone.  On 07/25/2001 the "m/v Sun" slipped away, while under tow to the breakers in  India.  She officially sank at 7:05 pm local South Africa time.
  • On 1st Aug 2001, the "Express" which runs in the Tehran area, sank after an explosion in the engine room.
  • On 7th Feb. 2002, the "Aloha" sank while on a wreck site survey off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico.
  • The passenger ferry "La Joola" sank in bad weather near the Dubai in September 2002.
  • The freighter / passenger ferry "Mercury II" sank in bad weather while en a voyage in the Caspian Sea in OCtober 2002.
  • The French tanker "Prestige" sank after running into trouble in a storm.  11/20/2002 off of the coast of Spain..
  • BC Ferries "m/s Queen of The North" sank after striking a rock near Gill Island.  03/22/2006.  All aboard survived.
  • The former Bergen Line "m/s Stella Polaris" sank 3km off of the coast of Japan, while under tow to China, in preparation for her journey to Europe.  She was to have been a hotel-restaurant in Rotterdam, Holland.  02 September 2006.

-=[ Vessels Gutted By Fire ]=-
  • The P&O/Princess Cruises new build "m/s Diamond Princess" while under construction at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan.
  • The Windstar Cruises "m/s Wind Song" was gutted by fire on 01 Dec 2002, in the South Pacific. No injuries.
  • A barge in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal caught fire, while transporting petroleum biproducts.  20 January 2005.
  • The P&O Ferries "m/s Pride of Bilbao" had a small fire while at sea.  22 January 2005.
  • The "Jiangshan" was gutted by fire while at the wharf.  15 June 2005.
  • The "Royal Pacific" while in Kaohsiung, undergoing refit, was gutted and then sank.  02 July 2005.
  • The Sulpicio Lines ferry "m/v Princess of The World" was at sea when the fire broke out. No injuries. 13 July 2005.

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