-=[ A Maritime Time Line ]=-

  - { 2001 ) -

    02/2001 - Swedish American liner "S.S. Gripsholm", is sold to the breakers.
    05/2001 - American Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Independence" is slated to be withdrawn from service.
    05/2001 - Norwegian Cruise Lines' "m/v Norwegian Sky" encounters bad weather and rolls over during turn, injures 16.
    06/2001 - An unmanned sub finds the wreck of a sunken German sub in the Gulf of Mexico.  It's the U-166.
    09/2001 - 11th; The World Trade Center twin towers are attacked and crumble. The Pentagon is hit as well by a horrific act of cowardly
    terrorism. Thousands are feared dead. Four US airliners are hijacked by "Al-Queda" terrorists and used as flying bombs and are flown into
    buildings on the East coast of the US. Passengers aboard one airliner take matters into their own hands and aid the pilots efforts to bring the
    plane down. It crashes into an empty field in Pennsylvania. No survivors.

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