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 - { 1900 - 1999 }-

    05/1900 - The "Big Four" class is introduced by the White Star Line
    02/1901 - The "Rio de Janeiro" sank in thick fog off the Golden Gate. 129 souls perished.
    09/1906 - Mauretania completed; launched for Cunard Line
    09/1907 - A dinner party results in the decision to build the "big three".  Titanic is born.
    01/1909 - S.S. Republic has collision with the S.S. Florida. Only 7 dead; 1500 survive.
    00/1909 - S.S. Waratah; disappears without a trace from UK; bound for S. Africa.
    05/1910 - R.M.S. Titanic completed; launched for White Star Line
    04/1911 - Olympic completed; launched for White Star Line
    04/1912 - Titanic sinks on maiden voyage; struck iceberg in north Atlantic
    04/1912 - Cunard's Carpathia; rescues Titanic's survivors; returns to New York
    04/1912 - Cunard's Carpathia brings home 705 survivors; over 1500 people died.
    07/1913 - Vaterland is completed for Hamburg Line; Blohm & Voss Germany.
    05/1914 - Aquitania completed; launched for Cunard Line
    04/1914 - Britannic completed; launched as hospital ship; no Atlantic service
    05/1914 - The Canadian Pacific steamer "R.M.S. Empress of Ireland" sinks after a collision with a Norwegian ship.
    11/1917 - Britannic sinks; strikes mine/torpedo in Aegean Sea; 52 casualties
    04/1924 - S.S. Catalina completed for service to Leyland Line.
    02/1930 - R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth commissioned for Cunard Line
    08/1932 - The airship Hindenburg crashes; kills 34. Lakehurst NJ USA. Awful.
    09/1933 - The S.S. Celtic II is wrecked on Cobh Island in dense fog. No injuries.
    09/1934 - S.S. Morro Castle wrecked; gutted by fire; drifts onto New Jersey shore
    09/1934 - Bermuda Star saves Morro Castle's passengers; rescue hard; drifting ship
    05/1936 - R.M.S. Queen Mary completed; launched for Cunard Line
    06/1939 - Mauretania (2) completed; launched to Cunard Line; Queen E's little sister.
    11/1939 - Rawalipindi; A merchant cruiser; sunk by cruiser Schornhorst.
    08/1940 - America completed; launched for United States Lines.
    12/1941 - The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor HI.  USS Arizona sinks.  Over 2000 men die.
    02/1942 - T.S.S. Normandie is destroyed; gutted by fire at Pier 92; rolls to port side; sinks.
    07/1942 - S.S. Robert E. Lee is sunk by German U-boat U-166.
    09/1942 - Laconia sunk by German U-862; 2,200+ perish
    08/1942 - The German U-boat U-166 is sunk by a US patrol plane.
    10/1942 - R.M.S. Queen Mary sinks cruiser Curacoa; all 329 lives lost.
    01/1945 - SS Wilhelm Gustoff sunk by Russian sub torpedo; 9,600+ German refugees lost.
    06/1945 - T.S.S. Normandie wreck is being righted and removed; wreck renamed S.S. Lafayette.
    08/1945 - First TransAtlantic crossing after the war made by Ile De France.
    06/1947 - T.S.S. Normandie's destroyed hulk, is dismantled; refloated; sent to Osaka breakers.
    09/1952 - S.S. United States is launched for the United States Lines; first large US ship.
    10/1955 - First commercial jet aircraft crosses the Atlantic; dooms liners days. Boeing 707.
    07/1956 - Andrea Doria sinks; after collision with Swedish liner Stockholm IV in fog.
    07/1956 - Injured Stockholm rescue's Andrea Doria's passengers with the Ile De France.
    10/1958 - R.M.S. Queen Mary sails from Southampton for last time; storage in California.
    01/1972 - Seawise University gutted by fire; destroyed at Hong Kong harbour. Burns-sinks.
    02/1972 - Seawise University; breakers remove wreck and sell hulk for scrap.
    02/1972 - Seawise University; fire & sinking claimed by P.L.O. Sad.
    06/1976 - HMHS Britannic found; 59 Years; filmed by Cousteau; sisters Titanic-Olympic.
    06/1976 - HMHS Britannic is tangled; bent mess. Cause not clear of sinking. Mine/Torp?
    10/1980 - Holland America Lines' "m/s Prinsendam" sinks during a positioning cruise to Alaska, USA.
    08/1981 - Epirotiki's "m/s Oceanos" sinks mysteriously in the Indian Ocean.  No casualties.
    09/1985 - Titanic found by Woods Hole Institute; wreck is photographed & filmed.
    06/1989 - Epirotiki's Jupitor sinks; no salvage planned. Odd.
    07/1991 - Premier's Majestic has engine room fire; towed to shipyard.
    08/1991 - Epirotiki's Oceanos sinks off South African coast in a storm. Very odd.
    04/1992 - Rumours of S.S. United States is bought by Turkish interests; 1st in 33 yrs.
    07/1992 - Rumours of R.M.S. Queen Mary's demise surface on local news.
    07/1992 - Rumours of S.S. United States sale surface on local news again.
    08/1992 - Rumours of R.M.S Queen Mary's demise surface on local news again.
    05/1996 - Princess' Sun Princess has trouble w/Hot-tub; many people sick.
    06/1996 - S.S. United States is brought back to US waters; Stored Philadelphia PA.
    07/1996 - Carnivals Exploration has engine room fire; towed to shipyard.
    07/1996 - Commodore's Universe Explorer has laundry room fire. 5 crew dead.
    08/1996 - Rumours surface that RMS Titanic, might be salvaged.  Attempts fail.
    12/1996 - A Freighter collides with it's dock in New Orleans LA.  Sinks.  Kills 2.
    04/1997 - Cunard's Vistafjord has a storage room fire. 1 death results.
    05/1997 - The RMS Titanic; is removed from the shipping registers.
    06/1997 - The S.S. Constitution; American-Hawaii Cruises; sank on route to scrappers.
    11/1997 - m/s Island Princess while in Italian waters struck an 'unknown object" and damaged a propeller.
    12/1997 - The movie Titanic opens on the 19th.  It was excellent.  Go see it!
    03/1998 - The movie Titanic makes over 1 billion dollars in ticket sales! World wide.
    07/1998 - Disney's "Disney Magic" leaves France for US-maiden voyage
    08/1998 - Disney's "Disney Magic" makes a bomb; critics not happy.
    08/1998 - RMS Titanic hull piece is raised, and more video/tv stuff is done.
    08/1998 - R.M.S. Titanic steel is fine. Rivets are so bad they caused the sinking.
    08/1998 - R.M.S. Titanic expedition finds 3rd class gates were locked; shocking.
    08/1998 - Carnival's Ecstasy has fire in engine room. Pass & Crew are ok.
    10/1998 - RMS Titanic hull interiors are collapsing; gym roof is gone now.
    10/1998 - Carnival's Ecstasy had fire in August; repaired; returned to service.
    11/1998 - Windjammer's s/v Fantome is missing after hurricane "Mitch" off coast of Mexico.
    11/1998 - All feared lost; no wreckage.  No survivors.  God rest their souls.
    01/1999 - Royal Caribbean's' Voyager of The Seas has fire in engine room at shipyard.
    01/1999 - RCCL's Voyager of The Seas is ok. Fire was snuffed.
    04/1999 - Kvaerner-Masa of Finland signs 99 year lease with Philadelphia Navy Yard.
    05/1999 - Sun Cruise Lines' Sun Vista sinks off Malaysia; gutted by fire.
    05/1999 - Sun Vista leaves 1100+ and crew in lifeboats for 2 hours.
    05/1999 - S.S. Norway (NCL) has engine room fire; off Barcelona towed to port.
    05/1999 - m/v Carnival Destiny; collides with fishing/tour boat. No injuries.
    05/1999 - Carnival Cruise Lines; has a "mutiny" on a cruise.
    06/1999 - Sun Cruise Line's says "we'll continue...without the Sun Vista."
    07/1999 - RCCL settles law suit; 19.8M paid in damages.  For dumping.  Shame.
    07/1999 - Premier Cruise Lines Island Breeze has engine room fire; off Sicily; towed to Messina.
    07/1999 - S.S. Waratah is found! 90 years later; 370' of water; S. African coast. Sunk.
    07/1999 - Premier to operate Edinburgh Castle (Union Castle Line), along with Big Red Boat.
    07/1999 - Disney Wonder debut's in Southampton England.  Then heads for US maiden voyage.
    07/1999 - Radisson Diamond; runs aground; has power failure; in Stockholm Sweden.
    07/1999 - Spirit of '98 runs aground; Alaskan waters.  All saved.  Sinking.
    07/1999 - Spirit of '98 saved, by emergency pumps; airlifted in.  Makes it to home.
    08/1999 - The Norwegian Dream collides with Ever Decent @ 1:15a in Eng.Channel.
    08/1999 - The Evar Decent was battling a fire and listing at the time of the collision.
    08/1999 - Norwegian Dream has a very badly damaged bow & had to go to Dover.
    09/1999 - Carnival's Tropicale; has fire, stalled in Gulf of Mexico. Restarts starboard engine, limping home.
    09/1999 - Louis Cruise Lines; buys m/v Mermoz from CostaCruises.
    10/1999 - The Norwegian Sky; has run aground in the St. Lawrence sea way.
    10/1999 - The Cunard Liner; R.M.S. Carpathia found!  185 miles SE of UK.
    10/1999 - The AMCV opens United States Lines, for Pacific-US service.
    10/1999 - The Evergreen Group; Opens Lloyd Triestino Line
    10/1999 - The "Galapagos Explorer" catches fire and is towed into the Panama Canal.
    11/1999 - Louis Cruise Lines; renames m/v Mermoz to m/v Serenade.
    11/1999 - The Voyager of The Seas; has arrived in Miami FL USA.
    11/1999 - The Cunard Line is announcing the "official" project of Queen Mary.
    11/1999 - The Queen Mary 2; will be available in 2003; and will be 1130 feet!
    11/1999 - A ferry sinks off Norway; 20 dead. Ferry was new. Weather blamed.
    11/1999 - The container ship "ST. HELENA" to be replaced via charter by "Jason".
    11/1999 - Renaissance Cruises "R Four" was christened today.
    12/1999 - s.s EDINBURGH CASTLE to be rebuilt at Cammaill-Laird (UK) for Premier.
    12/1999 - Ferry "m/v ASIA SOUTH KOREA" sinks. In storm. 41 dead.
    12/1999 - Cunard's Project Queen Mary rumoured to be built Ireland? / Germany?
    12/1999 - "Carnival Victory" floated out of drydock this week. Congrats!
    12/1999 - Star Cruises (Japan) takes over "NCL". Not a good idea.

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