-=[ Information On The Cunard Lines' Queen Mary 2 ]=-

    It has been rumored for quite some time now, that the [Cunard Lines Limited], is planning to build yet another Queen.
The rumors, have been flying wildly around, for more than a year now.  Well, there is a truth to the rumor.  Now, while she will look in the similar fashion of the "Cunard Standard", she will not be a twin of the original R.M.S. Queen Mary, that is now owned by Hilton Hotels Inc.  The depiction is, that she will have the "traits" of the finest of her predecessors.  Like the old style curves, and columns, of the great liners of the early 1930's and 1940's.  But her profile will be similar (sort of) to that of her older sister, the R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2.  The marvels of the old days are coming back, and we think its about time. People should be able to travel in a comfortable and classy style.  Everybody cruises, nobody ever crosses anymore?  It's like, driving your car, but not really "enjoying" the essence of the drive itself.  Half of the fun of travel is the anticipation of the arrival to your destination, and all of the fun and romance you experience along the way.

    The experience of a long slow voyage, should be like a fine wine or dessert.  You should be able to feel and fully enjoy the way it makes you feel, as its pungent sweet flavor fills your deprived soul.  Your body, mind, spirit, and self, should be able to fully be one, unhindered.  Your whole essence is totally relaxed, and your presence is as one.  You feel, as you never have. Its like nothing else in the grand cosmos can possibly give you.  Your mind is clear, and at rest.  Your soul is at peace with your body.  Your person needs a trip like that.  To help you come alive and be complete again.  The cool breezes, the clear air, the personal time away, the enchantment of splendid surroundings, and the essential calm and serenity your soul craves, and deserves...

    Well, the discussion is a reality.  Today, Monday the 6th of November 2000, the Cunard Line has signed a letter of intent
with Alstom-Chantiers.  The announcement comes as welcome news, from London.

  Here is what we have learned about her so far:

    New Updates! -

    We're so excited we can't hardly contain ourselves.  The most amazing news is out...  The brand new "m/s Queen Mary 2"
is out!  Cunard Lines' fabulous cruise liner has been out at sea for her trials as conducted by her builders and her owners.  We
are very pleased to say this is good news, and it comes earlier than expected.  Upon her return the comments are fantastic about her performance and behaivor out at sea.  The new Queen has lived up to her design potential...  Wow!  Cunard Line
will take delivery of her in December 2003 and will prepare her for her maiden debut in January 2004.

  Ship Info -     Now bear in mind, that this is pretty much all a rumor mill hype until the Cunard Lines Limited. makes an official press
announcement.  It is still unclear if she will be carrying any kind of "R.M.S." or just "S.S." designations.  This has not been confirmed as yet.  But the info seems to be definite, and genuine.  There is a preliminary photo (painting/sketch) available.
We have obtained a copy of it, so here she is!

-=[ Queen Mary 2 ]=-

Cunard Line Limited "Queen Mary 2" - Concept image - (Circa Nov. 1999)

    Isn't she gorgeous!  Wow.  We are speechless.  We hope to have more imagery, and information to share with all of you very soon.  And we will keep you posted on all of the latest developments.  Check back to this page bi-weekly for more information and details...

    A second photo has appeared, and we have that one as well.  The report is that it is an updated image.  She will be
French built.  At the same shipyard that made the TSS Normandie, and the TSS France.  A very impressive choice.
Early rumors had said that she would be Irish built at the shipyards of Harland and Wolff.  This apparently is not true.
So here is the photo!

Cunard Line Limited "Queen Mary 2" - This photo is another concept shot, from March 10, 2000

    Have you noticed, she looks a little different?  The funnel is moved forward, the number of decks is reduced, and the hull appears a little different.  The original, has a covered bow, this one does not.  Both are still depicted in very stormy and rough seas though.  This change of venue by Cunard does however, begin to concern us.

    Ladies, and Gentlemen.  We have yet another image, a possible painting.  A 3D rendering most likely.  Well, here it is!
We have the feeling, that the pictures, and images, just will not do her justice.  She is a real beauty...

Cunard Cruise Lines "Queen Mary 2" - (Ca. Nov. 2000 - GBMarine Art)

 - Update -
    Here is photo of the grandest of all opulent Queens...

Cunard Line Ltd. - m/s Queen Mary 2 - September 2003
Cunard Line Ltd. "m/s Queen Mary 2" - (Circa 2003)

It is in our opinion, that we like the first initial concept image.  We hope that Cunard would take this into some consideration.

Cunard has said, that "Queen Mary 2" has passed many of her hydrodynamics tests.  These tests were conducted at the
MARIN research facilities in Holland.  The tests were applied to a working 15 foot, builders type model.

Click [here] to visit our "Queen Mary 2" profile page.
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