Soft Sails & Smooth Seas


-=[ Tall Tales of Long Ships ]=-

    In the old days of sail, the only way to cross a large body of water was to go get a ticket and book yourself passage on a local ship going in the same direction you were headed.  Or, if you were in a hurry, you could always persuade some lackey who works aboard a ship to hide you, by holding your knife to his neck.  In the days of the galleons, and the Spanish Maine, the life of a traveller was a very dangerous, and possibly thrilling, experience -- if you lived to tell about it.  As we see in the "old" movies, the more of a rogue you were, and the riskier you were, the more money you made.  If you are a real good gambler, and a lucky drinker, you could swindle some poor slob out of his booty.  I'll wager that the local taverns, inns, keeps, and pubs had many a good fight, and a rowdy poker game to join.

    During the days of sail, the Captains of many a ship would carry most anything for a price.  Including slaves, a fair and
beautiful maiden, who was won in last nights poker game...  And a lot of Rum!  Also, during times of war or difficulties with
a neighbouring land, some Captains would be willing to haul the local Monarchy to a safe port, so their enemies wouldn't
be inclined to have any lynchings...  The life of a sailor, or sea dog is a very dangerous thing.  Not to be tried by the faint
of heart, or weak in the stomach.  As history tells us, the battles and conquests at sea are filled with "glory", and "prizes".
Well, this action comes at a price.  Who will die, and who will keep the prize?  Most of the "pirates" kept most of the booty
they won or stole for themselves.  Very rarely was it shared with or amongst the crews.  This is what usually led to the "mutiny's"...
Many a poor sailor was keel-hauled for his attempts at a mutiny.

    It's never a good idea to ever question the greed of your Captain.  Or his officers, and companions.  Unless, you and
your friends would like to never drink together again...  If you want to live, and get paid, shut your mouth and follow the
orders your Captain gives you...  Red beard, Black beard, Blue beard, and others.  Some of the meanest, most blood
thirsty, cold, ruthless, and distasteful men ever to sail the salted seas of Earth.  You could die for just being there.  Or,
you could get lucky, and live to become an enslaved crew member.  The role of cabin boy, or deck hand is preferred
very much to slave.  So, pick your friends carefully, and share your rum!

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