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-=[ Web Sites Who Act In An Illicit Manner ]=-

    It has come to our attention that there are some web masters who work for some very immoral companies.  These internet
businesses, have taken to using an illicit tactic known as "URL Redirection".  It is in our opinion that this practice must now
forever cease.  The sole purpose of this practice is to silently, and illegally misdirect or redirect the visiting user(s) to a site that
he or she does not wish to visit.  And in that same process, gather, collect, retrieve, store, and sell this covertly obtained
private information to an unknown third party for a profit.  Without the visitors prior express written consent or knowledge...

This practice of business in the 1930's was called "racketeering".  It's evil face has other names too.  Like black-mail. etc...

    It is also known as "extortion".  And is punishable by Federal imprisonment, inside the USA.  If spying against someone
is illegal, how does the corporate market get to do it?  And without any jail time?  There have been stories over the years,
about a so called "Big Brother".  Well, I don't want a sneaky, silent, unscrupulous person monitoring what we do, and where
we go.  Isn't that why the German's tore down the wall?

    One of the objectives of this web page is to make the general population who uses the internet, aware of who is watching
you.  This page contains a link to a list of internet sites who either have, use, participate, know about, or in some form have
contact with the illicit process of "URL Redirection".  Many of these sites, try to remain hidden so as not to be caught.  Which
in our opinion is an automatic admission of their guilt.  In the USA there is an ideal known as domestic tranquility.  We fail to
see how the criminal act of misleading a visitor, is in the best interest of domestic peace, harmony, and happiness.  It is also
a danger to the youth, and other citizens of any given city, who do not wish to have their internet time interrupted by the false
illegal activity of a URL misdirection.

    This problem applies to others who use illicit "JavaScript" applets, and such, to attack you, launch offensive material at
you, additional unwanted open browser windows, etc.  All of these are not very nice.  There are many sites whose idea of
adult entertainment will do this.  On some systems, it will cause the system itself, or crash the browser to crash and stop
operating.  For the inexperienced user, this will be a very frustrating, and stressful moment to be put through.

    We are strongly urging the internet community to press their governmental agencies to make the process of URL redirection
a crime.  And apply long prison terms, and very large fines to those who would commit this illicit act.

   Click [here] to view a list of web sites who offend and monitor visitors.
   A web page, we think that you should read.  [Important Information]

   Send us your known offenders list, or submit the name of a discovered offender. [Submit!]

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