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   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 21 May 2007]
  • Great Britan's famed 19th century "Cutty Sark" has been gutted by fire.  She sat on Monday morning, burning at her anchorage.  Reports say that it took many fireman quite some time to put the blaze out.  The fire is being considered suspicious and has not been deemed arson yet, but it may become classified as a crime.  The old ship was under going restoration in London, England, when the blaze broke out.  The ship had been involved in a three year restoration process which has now been set back.  It will cost many millions to restore her now, providing she isn't declared a total loss.
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 16 May 2007]
  • The former NCL "S.S. Norway" now sitting on the beach as the "m/v Blue Lady", will have her diesel fuel removed.  The Indian government has approved the removal.  A final decision to break her up, has not yet been made.  Her loss to the maritime community, is a travesty.
  • The Razzmatazz Ocean Cruises, a new cruise company, is working on finalizing all of the details, to start their operations.  They have taken custody of their first ship, the "m/v Razzmatazz".  The company is based out of Durban, South Africa.
  • On Nov. 5th 2005, the Seabourn Cruises "m/v Seabourn Spirit" was attacked by high seas pirates.  Who attempted to board and hijack the cruise ship, about 100 miles off of the coast of Somalia.  Two crew members, being alert, to the situation, sprung into action, along with the captain.  And repelled the attack with a high-pressure hose and a sonic canon.  Although the cruise ship was hit by a rocket propelled grenade, twice.  The ship survived the onslaught because of the bravery and heroism of her very outstanding crew members.  Two of those men, have been given awards by the Queen.
  • The Princess Cruises "m/v Sea Princess", was to embark on a 14 night cruise in the Mediterranean.  But a problem with the ships propulsion system, forced an unexpected cancellation.  She was to have departed from Southampton.  The problem lies with the port side (left) motor, which is said to take several days to repair.  The "m/v Sea Princess" will return to regular cruise service on May 26th, 2007, following the completion ot the necessary repair work.
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 14 May 2007]
  • Royal Caribbean International's Celebrity Cruises has a new child company.  Azamara Cruise Lines.
  • The "m/v Empress of The North" has run aground in Alaska.  Her 200+ passengers and 26 crew were evacuated from the vessel, when she began to list and was taking on water.  Her pumps were able to compensate, and she under Coast Guard escort, bound for Juneau.  Her passengers were transferred to other vessels and were going to be taken back to Juneau.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "m/v Monarch of The Seas" has a new captain, who is a woman.  She is the first woman to captain a major cruise ship.  She is a self described tomboy, but she says she enjoys serving others.
  • The press (AP) has reported that the "S.S. United States" is still down, but is certainly not out.  NCL America who owns the majestic ship, says they do indeed plan to retrun her to service, when the time is right and the market shows a desire to have her back.
  • Silversea Cruises, has made a move to have Wi-Fi fleet wide.  With service coverage from bow to stern.
   Cruise Industry News - [Tue, 8 May 2007]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines, is updating their Fantasy class ships to be more brand recognized, like their newer fleet-mates.  Each ship, when she enters the drydock for her scheduled service, will emerge with the 'Evolution of Fun' upgrades.&nbps; Including the addition of the 'Carnival' name ahead of her own.  The following vessels will be updated:
    • "m/v Ecstasy" will become the "m/v Carnival Ecstasy"
    • "m/v Elation" will become the "m/v Carnival Elation"
    • "m/v Fascination" will become the "m/v Carnival Fascination"
    • "m/v Fantasy" will become the "m/v Carnival Fantasy"
    • "m/v Imagination" will become the "m/v Carnival Imagination"
    • "m/v Inspiration" will become the "m/v Carnival Inspiration"
    • "m/v Paradise" will become the "m/v Carnival Paradise"
    • "m/v Sensation" will become the "m/v Carnival Sensation"
  • It has been reported, that the Ocean Village Cruise Lines "m/s Ocean Village" and her sister "m/s Ocean Village Two" have passed by one another at Gibralter.
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 30 Apr 2007]
  • The status of the "Blue Lady" is still not clear.  Meanwhile, she sits rusting away on a beach in India.  It's a cruel fate for such a wonderful ship.
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 23 Apr 2007]
  • The Holland America Line has added an interesting feature to their "m/s Zaandam", the ship now uses sea water, to literally 'scrub' her engine exhaust, thus removing any harmful particulates.
  • The Princess Cruises "m/s Royal Princess" has embarked her first passengers in Barcelona, spain.  She joins two of her former sisters from Renaissance Cruises, who are now a part of the Princess fleet.  The christening, for the "m/s Royal Princess" and the new "m/s Emerald Princess" was cancelled due to the sinking of "m/v Sea Diamond" three weeks ago.
  • The Hurtigruten Groups 12,700 GRT, "m/s Fram" has been delivered by Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy.  Her maiden voyage is set for April 30th, from Barcelona, Spain to Oslo, Norway.  Congratulations.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has taken delivery of their brand new "m/v Liberty of The Seas" in Southampton, England.  Congratulations.
  • BC Ferries, Inc. has just launched their newest ferry, from Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft in Flensburg, Germany.  She was launched the traditional way, she slid down the ways.  Amidst the crowed of children waiving the flag of Canada.  She is 22,000 GRT and 524.98 feet (160m).  Her name is "m/s Coastal Renaissance".
  • The AS Tallink Grupp and Aker Yards, have signed a contract to build a large ferry for Baltic service.  The ship will be 695.52 feet long (212m) and 95.1 feet wide (29m).  She is expected in the first quarter of 2009.
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 16 Apr 2007]
  • The Princess Cruises new "m/s Emerald Princess", a 113,000 GRT beauty, has left on her 12 night maiden voyage.
  • Maypalad Shipping Lines "m/v Samar Star" was bound for Cebu, when she ran aground.  This was following a maneuver to pass another ship.  All her passengers and crew were rescued by "brp Batangas".
  • The former Swedish America Lines' "m/v Kungsholm" has found a new home in Sweden, as the "m/v The Scholar Ship".
  • The planned reefing (sinking) of the former "s.s. Texas Clipper" has been postponed until at least mid May 2007.
   Cruise Industry News - [Sun, 8 Apr 2007]
  • Louis Cruise Lines "m/v Sea Diamond" struck a reef about 1 mile off the coast of Santorini harbour, near Greece.  And 15 hours later, she sank.  She lies with her bow about 17 feet from the surface, and her stern is down about 460 feet.  Reports say, that there are two passengers who were not accounted for, and navy divers were not able to find them around or near the wreck site.  Louis Cruises, purchased the "m/v Birka Princess" in 2006.

  • UPDATE:  According to reports, the government of Greece, has charged the captain and five of his senior staff, with negligence and they say that the charges could be upgraded to other possible crimes if the two French passengers who are missing are declared dead.  It's also our understanding that the ship, when she sank rolled over and is upside down, standing on her stern, vertically under water.
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 26 Mar 2007]
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines says that it's "m/v Empress of The Seas" will be leaving their fleet on Friday, March 7th, 2008.  The ship will be transferred into the Pulllmantur fleet.
  • A couple was reported missing, after they fell from their balcony while onboard the Princess Cruises "m/s Grand Princess".  They were both in their twenties and fell into the Gulf of Mexico, off of the coast of Texas.  They were picked up about five hours later, both alive and well.  They are both very lucky to have survuved the fall, and the cold water...
  • A report suggests that, a very large ship could be built for a Japanese firm, Japan Content Network, Inc.  If Finlands Aker Yards accept the offer of the job to construct the ship, is would be more than times larger than Royal Caribbean's Project Genesis class ship.  It could carry 8,400 persons and have capacity for up to 10,000 visiting guests.  The 20 deck high vessel is reported to be in the 370,000 GRT scale.  Her name would be "Princess Kaguya".  No other details available for now...
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 19 Mar 2007]
  • Italy's Fincantieri shipyard has announced that they do indeed hold agreements with Ocenia and SilverSea for three vessels, and that SilverSea holds an option for an additional ship.
  • A male passenger who was reported missing from the Carnival Cruises "m/v Carnival Glory", was rescued after spending seven hours in the cold Atlantic.  He is alive and suffering from hypothermia.
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 14 Mar 2007]
  • Reports from the beach of broken bows...  The former NCL "S.S. Norway", now sitting there collecting rust, as the "S.S. Blue Lady" is still there, awaiting a decision from the Indian government and others as to whether or not she will become a maritime ghost story or get a stay and be moved to a place of more pleasant thoughts...  Write to them and beg if necessary, to save her!
  • The Swedish freighter "m/s Baltic Bright" had a power failure while coming up the channel and nearly struck the Silja Line RO/RO ferry "m/s Silja Serenade".  It was reported that fast thinking from the bridge crew onboard the Finnish shp saved the day.  Reports suggest the ships were not as close as some would expect.
  • The P&O ferry, "m/s Pride of Bilbao" was prevented from docking in Bilbao, Spain due to heavy wids, which were making the docking procedures difficult.  She was not able to dock until 10:30 AM, the following day, when the winds finally calmed down.
  • Costa Cruises new build "m/v Costa Serena", has moved from the primary construction basin Fincantieri's shipyard.  She will have her hull cleaned and painted.  The 112,000 GRT, 3,780 passenger ship will be delivered on May 15th, and the official naming ceremony on May 19th, 2007.
  • AIDA Cruises brand new "AIDADiva", which has just left her builder Meyer Werft, in Germany.  Their 2,030 passenger ship will make a nice addition to their fleet.  Congratulations!
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 7 Mar 2007]
  • Carnival Cruise Lines has had the pleasure of naming their new "m/v Carnival Freedom".  The ship was named by former supermodel Kathy Ireland in Venice, Italy.  This ship is the 22nd addition to Carnival's fleet.  Congratulations!
  • Is this it?  A request has been given to the California Maritime Academy, located in Vallejo, CA.  The request is for assistance in removing fittings and furnishings from the former American Hawaii Cruises "S.S. Independence", there has been much speculation on what will happen to her.  Reports say in some circles that NCL, who purchased the ship several years ago, have found her to be in poor condition and have decided not to continue with the original plans for her.  This is a sad ending for such a fine ship.  Her twin sister the "S.S. Constitution", which sank in July 1997, while under tow to the breakers, and is already gone.  We would have liked to see her get a chance at a comeback.
  • Royal Caribean International's Pullmantur has a three year lease on the "m/s Mona Lisa", this seems to dispel rumours that the ship might be chartered out as the "m/s Scholar Ship".  She will sail for Pullmantur as the "m/s Oceanic II".
   Cruise Industry News - [Tue, 27 Feb 2007]
  • The NY based firm, Apollo Ship Management has purchased Oceania Cruises from the Carnival Corp. plc.  Oceania has three ships, "m/s Regatta", "m/s Insignia" and "m/s Nautica".  The sale is valued at USD$850 million dollars.
  • The City of Rotterdam, Holland has set a tentative deadline for the return of the former Holland America Liner "S.S. Rotterdam", that date is Friday, September 14th, 2007.  The ship is undergoing conversion, restoration and the process of preservation, so that she can be permanently moored in the harbour that is her namesake.  She will serve as a floating hotel, convention center and museum to the public.
  • P&O Cruises' "m/s Regal Princess", sustained hull damage while the ship was on departure from Huatulco, Mexico.  She had apparantly touched the harbour bottom on Feb. 18th.  She did proceed to Acapulco to make temporary repairs.  The net result is her Mar. 1st cruise to South America has been cancelled, to permit a drydocking and make permanent repairs to the hull.
  • Disney Cruise Lines has signed a letter of intent, with the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenberg, Germany, to build two new ships for the Disney Cruise Line.  The two ships, will be similar to the "Disney Magic" and the "Disney Wonder".  Except that they will be much larger than their two older fleet mates.  Weigning in at 122,000 GRT, have 2 more decks and being delivered in 2011 and 2012.
  • Ambassadors International, Inc. has announced that they have agreed to acquire Windstar Cruises from the Carnival Corporation's child company, Holland America Line, for almost USD$100 Million dollars.
  • The legendary maritime author, William H. Miller, Jr. was in Sydney for the gala arrival of the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2".  Her big sister, "m/s Queen Mary 2" had arrived the previous night. Mr. Miller was quoted as saying, "It was the best night ever in Sydney harbor,' said a friend as we watched the triumphant arrival of the ever-majestic QE2 last evening, royally inbound and passing her big sister, the already berthed QM2. A thousand boats filled the harbor --- yachts, elegant sailboats, top-heavy charter craft and, of course, those ever-dependable fireboats sprayed. A honey-colored summer evening's sunlight changed to a copper hue before the elegant charcoal carpet of nightfall descended on this most beautiful of harbors and cities....the opera house was floodlit in creamy white, the bridge lit by electrical candles, Luna Park ablaze and flashing like a pirate's chest. Sirens screeched, horns honked, but the mighty whistles of the two most famous ocean liners afloat filled the air mostly with their thunderous blasts. Hundreds of thousands lined the watersides ... flags waved ... cameras flashed ... cheers and songs went out ... it was a grand, ever-friendly Aussie welcome. We sat aboard a friend's boat ... really, a yacht ... and then watched as gala fireworks filled the skies above in a cascade of color, shape, and creative artistry. It was a great day, perhaps the greatest, for the Cunard QUEENS!"  It's always a pleasure to hear from Mr. Miller...
   Cruise Industry News - [Tue, 20 Feb 2007]
  • The Cunard Queen's are finally going to have a reunion in Sydney, Australia.  This landmark occasion has not occured in 65 years.  The last time two of the Cunard Line Queen's were found to be together in Sydney, was during World War II, when the "R.M.S. Queen Mary" and the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth", were acting as Royal Navy troopship transports.  This is also a special occasion for the Queen's.  It's the maiden call for "m/s Queen Mary 2" and the 25th port call for the "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2".
  • The unfortunate deterioration of a US based museum ship, the "S.S. Willis B. Boyer", built in 1911, is now being threatened.  Because the ship has unfortunately been badly neglected, and it's condition is now considered unrepairable.  The ship is now threatened with being sold for scrapping.  We believe this to be a tactic.  It's unlikely she would be able to be scrapped, except on the spot.  Her condition would preclude her being towed, as the stresses would pull her apart.  She had been on the Waumee river for over 20 years, laying at anchor.  Visit her Here.
  • The Mediteranean Shipping Company's "MSC Napoli" was grounded on Jan. 20th, 2007 to prevent her from sinking, when she ran into bad weather.  She had some 2,300 containers aboard at the time of the incident.  Nearly 100 of them had fallen overboard and about 400 of them have been removed by salvage crews.  But still about 1,800 remain.  The process of removing the containers and cleaning up the mess from the oil spill is estimated to take about a year.  No info on when or if she will return to service for MSC.
  • It has been reported that Residential Cruise Line has signed a letter of intent to construct a 76,000 GRT ship, her name is "m/s Magellan".  The letter was signed with Aker Yards France, the very same yard who built the "m/s Queen Mary 2".  She is 856' (260.9m) by 106' (32.3m) and can carry 1,070 passengers max.
  • AIDA Cruises, a Carnival Company, has named it's next new build. She is the second in the series of four. Her name is "AIDABella". She is 826.7' long (252m) by 105.6' wide (32.2m) and weighs in at 68,500 GRT.  She has 1,025 cabins. Her captain will supervise her construction as he lives nearby.
  • The rumours continue... But the truth is, the former Cunard Line "R.M.S. Queen Mary" is NOT for sale The master lease for the development of the property adjacent to the Queen, is for lease, for the purposes of developing the area. You can visit the Queen in person, in Long Beach, CA or see her website online at RMS Queen Mary.
   Cruise Industry News - [Tue, 13 Feb 2007]
  • While Carnival Cruises, 1990 built "m/v Fantasy" was inbound to the Port of New Orleans, LA, she was struck by one of six rice filled barges, which left her with a 30' tear in the side of her hull, just a mere 5' above the waterline, near her stern. It has been reported that the barge had broken loose from it's tow lines and bounced off of the shore, than came back from shore and ran into the "m/v Fantasy". No injuries were reported from the incident. She will make temporary repairs in New Orleans and is expected back in service on Feb. 15th, 2007. The accident is under investigation.
  • Hurtigruten's "Norkapp", which was aground near Deception Island, Antarctica, has stopped at the Falkland Islands for refueling, as she is bound for Buenos AIres for permanent repairs to made to her hull. Reports say she has left no traces of pollutents in the area. She had run aground on Jan. 10th 2007.
  • The Carnival Corporation and Spanish cruise operator Orizonia Corporacion, which operates Iberojet Cruceros, have entered into a joint venture, Carnival Corp. will have a 75% stake in the venture, while Orizonia Corp. will only have a 25% stake. This gives Carnival the controlling interest to make decisions for the brand. Carnival is planning to make the Iberojet brand a multiship capable line. Reports say that Carnival is planning to move it's older ships out of the US market.
  • A Russian 'Whiskey' class submarine, built in 1957, and was to be used as a museum, sank while under tow from Denmark. The sub, "U-194" was decommissioned from the Russian fleet in 1991 and was not carrying anything hazardous like fuel, weapons or any other dangerous materials. We suspect, that the sub was not seaworthy due to metal fatigue and the subs age.
   Cruise Industry News - [Tue, 6 Feb 2007]
  • The Carnival Cruise Lines "m/v Carnival Pride" arrived a day late in Long Beach, CA.  This was following an engineering problem of what the ships stated as 'undetermined'.  She reduced her speed from 20 knots to an easy 10 knots.
  • Norwegian Coastal Voyages 'm/v Nordkapp" had been aground in the Antartic.  She was pulled free, and a 2 foot hole was discovered.  She had been reported to be leaking diesel oil.
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 31 Jan 2007]
  • Proton Power Systems is constructing a 100 passenger vessel funded by the European Comission.  The ship will be a fuel cell powered river boat on the Alster River in Germany.  Her name is "Turbinia"
  • Emanuele 'LaLa' Luzzati, a noted maritime designer has past away at 85.
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 24 Jan 2007]
  • Mediterranean Shipping Cruises "m/v Napoli" is aground.  She is a 1991 built container ship, which was carrying more than 2,000 containers; 154 of which were carrying hazardous materials.  She is danger of sinking.  She is reported to be leaking diesel oil as well.
  • Princess Cruises, will be making some history happen.  They are planning the simultaneous naming of two ships.  The new "m/s Emerald Seas" and the "m/s Royal Princess".  At a ceremony in Santorini, Italy on May 12th, 2007.
  • The former P&O Cruise "m/s Pacific Sky", now the Pullmantur "m/v Sky Wonder" had gotten herself aground.  This seems to be an ongoing habbit with her.  She was 3 km off of Buenos Aires, Argentina at the time of the incident.  She was carrying about 1,600 passengers.  Three tugs and some effort freed her, so she could reach her destination of Punta Del Este, Uruguay.  She was chartered for CVC Cruises at the time.  The grounding was reported to be a navigational error, made by her captain...
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 17 Jan 2007]
  • The 1952 built, "m/v Caribbean Mercy" has been sold to private owners and will be chartered to CME at Sea.
  • The "S.S. Texas Clipper" will be sunk in late March / April 2007.  She is to become a living reef, in 134 feet of water, 17 miles out, off of the coast of Pass Santiago, Texas.
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 10 Jan 2007]
  • The BIG News!  the "m/s Queen Victoria", will be floated out on Monday, January 15th 2007.  We all cannot wait!  Our excitement is abound!  Congratulations to all at Cunard Line & Carnival Corp.
  • Today in Port Everglades, FL, everyone got a big surprise.  The "RMS Queen Elizabeth 2", "m/s Queen Mary 2" and "m/v Regal Empress".
  • Celebrity Cruises has announced the neame of their newbuild which is due in 2010.  The new "m/s Celebrity Eclipse" will be a third sister to her fleet mates "m/s Celebrity Solstice" and "m/s Celebrity Equinox".  She will be 118,000 GRT and will be built by Meyer-Werft in Germany.
  • The "Odessa" built in 1973, 11,889 GRT, has been renamed to "Sydney".
   Cruise Industry News - [Wed, 3 Jan 2007]
  • Ships reported to be on breakup beach, are the "Tropicana" built in 1966.  "Pat" built in 1972.  "Rod" built in 1973.  The "Monte" and "Blue Lady" are there as well.  "Monte" is cut back to the superstructure now.  No further word on the fate of the former "S.S. Norway".
  • A new ship for P&O Cruises.  The Carnival Corp, parent company of P&O Cruises, has reportedly signed a letter of intent, to construct a 116,000 GRT cruise ship, with the Fincantieri in Italy.  A previous newbuild, at 130,000 GRT has been pushed out to 2011.
  •   The Ferry that sank, off of the coast of Indonesia, with almost 550 persons aboard.  Survivors were found on an offshore oil rig, about 200 km (120 miles) from the wreck site.  11 men and a 6 year old boy, whose mother is still among the missing.
   Cruise Industry News - [Mon, 1 Jan 2007]
  • Happy New Year Everyone!

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