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   Cruise Industry News - [31 Dec 1999]
  • Happy New Year's Eve everyone...
   Cruise Industry News - [24 Dec 1999]
  • Roomers have surfaced, that a bid play has been made for the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), by two not yet disclosed companies.  The apparent, bid activity is being considered hostile.
  • American Classic Voyages (AMCV), has re-activated, the old "United States Lines", for service from the main land to the islands of Hawaii.
  • On the Red River in Oklahoma and the Texas border, this past week (11/21/99) the wreck of the "Caddo" riverboat was found.  An 1800's paddle wheel steamboat.  She sank 04/13/1842.
  • Off the coast of Norway, in a storm a small ferry sank, after hitting a rock.  20 dead.  Survivors are facing hypothermia, recovery.  We send them our best, and our condolences.
  • Click [here] for information on the "Project Queen Mary 2" that the Cunard Line is working on.
  • A New Arrival! - The week of Nov. 1st, 1999, RCCL's "Voyager of The Seas", pulls into Miami, FL.  Welcome!
   Cruise Ships In The News -
  • The "Norwegian Sky" has run aground in the St. Lawrence Sea way, and she has torn her bottom up.  The cruises for the weeks of 10/08/1999 & 10/18/1999 have been cancelled, as the ship is still undergoing major keel repairs.  She ran aground on the 24th of September.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines' m/s "Norwegian Dream", collided with the "Ever Decent", a cargo ship, in the English Channel on Thursday, Aug 18th, 1999, at 1:15 AM GMT.  The "Norwegian Dream", was able to continue in to Dover.  The Costa Cruises m/v "Costa Classica" is scheduled to be lengthened.  This will take place in the end of 2000 through to the spring of 2001.  Cammail-Laird Shipyards, UK has this assignment.
  • A grand old lady is being helped.  And needs your help too!  The "S.S. United States", has an offer of help.  After years of neglect, and abuse, she will possibly be restored.  For more on this, go see [http://www.ss-united-states.com/.].  Our [Gallery Page] has a photo of  her, she is a most incredible ship, she's fast, spacious, and very attractive.  Please do your part to help us save her.
  • There is a project in Southern California, USA, that is underway, to save the old "S.S. Catalina".  The SOHO organization needs your help to save a stranded, stuck, and sinking (yes sinking!) ship.  She is an historic old steamer of importance.  Go visit them at [S.S. Catalina.Org].
  • The Holland America Lines "Nieuw Amsterdam" is scheduled for sale, to American Classic Voyages in the fall of 2000.  Also, AMCV has re-activated the old name of the "United States Lines", in order to have a fleet of ships sailing from the mainland to the Hawaiian islands, and back, and on other routes.  Her new owners have planned to rename her to the "m/v Patriot", for her service with "United States Lines".
  • There is a rumour going around that Premier Cruises, is entertaining the idea of buying the old "S.S. Rotterdam V".
  • The Norwegian Cruise Lines, "S.S. Norway", had an engine room fire, of Barcelona, Spain, and was towed to port. The repairs were made, and she is now sailing again.
  • The Sun Line Cruises, "S.S. Sun Vista", sank off Malaysia, on 20 May 1999.  All saved.  Cause was fire in the engine room.
  • The "Spirit of '99", has run against a rock, and was sinking at last reports.  All rescued, but two.
  • The "m/v Grandeur of The Seas", runs aground, medium levels of damage.  Floats off. Heads to port for repairs, and then is returned to service.

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