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   Be sure to click [here] and check out our cruise news page, often
   as new info, and developments occur.
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    [A Glossary of Maritime Terminology]
    [A List of Cruise Line Addresses]
    [A List of New Builds & New Arrivals]
    [A List of Ports That Ships Call On]
    [A List of Sales, Withdrawals and Demises]
    [A List of Ships With A New Name or Home]
    [A List of Shipbreakers And Shipyards]
    [A List of Shipyards In Cyberspace]
    [A List of Steamship Lines]
    [A List of maritime shipping] - Pre 2Oth Century
    [A Maritime Time Line of The 2Oth Century]
    [A Maritime Time Line of The 21st Century]
    [A Special Word About Ships And The Sea]
    [A Word About Maritime Safety]
    [An Ocean Liner Art Gallery]
    [Cruise Line/Company Advertising Posters] - Old style & new
    [Information On Canard's - m/s Queen Mary 2]
    [Deck Plans For Cunard's - m/s Queen Mary 2]
    [Information on Cunard's New "Queen Victoria"]
    [Our Ocean Liner Desktop Themes Page]
    [Shipwreck Timeline] - (source:mrheitmann.com) - [Mr. Heitmann]
    [The Ocean Liner News - Current] - All of the latest cruise news!
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2007] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2006] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2005] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2004] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2003] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2002] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2001] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 2000] - News Archives
    [The Ocean Liner News Page - 1999] - News Archives
    [Missing Persons], [Stretched Ships]
    [The Ships Security Office]
    [The Ships Signal Bridge]
    [The Ships Who Got Busted]
    [Cruise Line Jobs] - Get a job on a cruise ship!

  WebCam's of Ships, and Ports around the world - 
    [Princess Cruises] - Has a set of web cams, on the bridge of their fleet.
    [CargoLaw.Com] - Web cams of ports, oceans, and extreme locations around the world!
    [Here] - Click for more ship cams here and [here].
  Hotels & Resorts
    [Cedar Points Hotels] - Hotel and lodging services at over 50 Hotels around Cedar Point. The park
    features Camp Snoopy®, a PEANUTS® family area, and three other children's areas; a PEANUTS®
    themed ice-skating show; musical shows in three theatres; pioneer crafts; a sandy Lake Erie beach and a marina.
    [Spa Cover Lifter] - Make putting the cover on your hot tub easy with one of our cover lifters.
    [Hot Tubs] - Choose from an extensive selection of energy efficient hot tubs and spas at discount prices.

  White Star Line -
    [Visit The H.M.H.S. Britannic]
    [Visit The H.M.H.S. Britannic Art Gallery]
    [Visit The R.M.S. Olympic]
    [Visit The R.M.S. Titanic]
    [Visit The H.M.H.S. Titanic Art Gallery]
    [Visit The H.M.H.S. Titanic Art Gallery 2]
    [View The R.M.S. Titanic Crew List]
    [View The R.M.S. Titanic Passenger List]
    [Visit The Shipyard That Built The R.M.S. Titanic]
    [White Star Line Information]

  Cunard Line -
    [m/v Caronia]
    [R.M.S. Aquitania]
    [R.M.S. Berengaria]
    [R.M.S. Carpathia]
    [R.M.S. Lusitania]
    [R.M.S. Mauretania]
    [R.M.S. Mauretania 2]
    [R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth]
    [R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2]
    [R.M.S. Queen Mary]
    [m/s Queen Mary 2]
    [m/s Queen Victoria]
    [S.S. Britannic]
    [S.S. Georgic]
    [S.S. Majestic]

   United States Lines -
    [S.S. America]
    [S.S. United States]

   French Line -
    [T.S.S. France] - (1912)
    [T.S.S. France] - (1962)
    [T.S.S. Ile de France]
    [T.S.S. Liberte]
    [T.S.S. Normandie]
    [T.S.S. Paris]

   Norwegian Cruise Lines -
    [S.S. Norway]

   Italian Line -
    [S.S. Andrea Doria]
    [S.S. Conte di Savoia]
    [S.S. Leonardo da Vinci]
    [S.S. Michelangelo]
    [S.S. Raffaello]
    [S.S. Rex]
    [S.S. Roma]

   Wilmington Transport Company -
    [S.S. Catalina]
   Ships and their remarkable rescue's at sea -
    [m/s Prinsendam] - Holland America Line
    [m/s Prinsendam] - Holland America Line
   Some other cruise and passenger ship links to visit -
    [About.com - Cruise News] - Cruise Information and news
    [American Experience: The Ship Railway Plan]
    [Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory]
    [Berlitz- Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships - 2002] - Reference material
    [C.S.S. Hunley Organization]
    [CargoLaw.Com's Travel & Maritime Page]
    [Center For Disease Control (CDC) - Cruise Ship Health Inspection Reports]
    [CrewConnected.com] - A crew/personnl databse and job assistance service.
    [Cruise Guide @ National Geographic.Com]
    [Cruise News.Com - Cruise News]
    [CyberCruises' - Cruise News]
    [Distances.Com] - Port-to-Port Calculator
    [Duane's Militaria Page] - Memorabilia
    [Dashper's X-Files - Episode #22 - Empress of England] - A historical look
    [Early 20th Century Ocean Liners]
    [Floating Palaces] - A&E Home Video (4 Disc Box Set)
    [Cruiseweb] - Dutch cruise information portal
    [Great Britain - Metchant Navy]
    [Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping News]
    [Great Liners - Ocean Liners On The Web] - 
    [Great Ocean Liners: The Big Three - Vaterland, Importer, & Bismarck]
    [Great Ocean Liners of The Past]
    [Historical and Educational Maritime Groups] - Thanks to Heather and Erika!
    [History and Parts of the Submarine] - Thanks to Sarah and her class!
    [Ifremer Institute] - France

    [Internet's Guide to Ocean Liners and Cruise Ships (DOVA)] - D.O.V.A. - Internet's Guide to Ocen Liners and Cruise Ships
    [Lost Liners: The Golden Age of Ocean Travel] - Lost Liners
    [List of Ships Sunk Entering The Mediterranean Sea] - Includes alphabetical index.
    [Maritime Matters - Shipping News Page] - Maritime Matters
    [Maritime Services Around The Wprld] - Shipyards, shipbreakers, repair and maintainance facilities.
    [Monsters of The Sea] - 
    [National Oceanographic Data Center]
    [Monsters of The Sea] - The great ocean liners of time.
    [S.S. Manxman] - Isle of Man steamer restoration project
    [New Steamship Consultants] - Maritime & Nautical Memorabilia
    [Nic Wilson's: Titanic]
    [Normandie: The Ship of Light] - Normandie: The Ship of Light
    [Ocean Liner Museum]
    [Ocean Liners of A Bygone Era]
    [Ocean Liner Resource]
    [Palaces At Sea]
    [Passion For Cruising]
    [Pics of Ships]
    [Pier 9O: Ships of State] - Pier 90
    [Peter's White Star Line Pages]
    [R.M.S. Queen Mary] - The R.M.S. Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  Go visit her, it's worth the trip!
    [R.M.S. Queen Mary] - Ghosts & Legends - Live Cam aboard the grand lady (unknown objects have been seen!)
    [R.M.S. Queen Mary - Long Beach]
    [R.M.S. Titanic Inc]
    [R.M.S. Titanic @ CyberFlix.Com] - Walk her decks again...
    [R.M.S. Windsor Castle] - Profile at MaritimeMatters.com
    {R.M,S. Windsor Castle Project Website} - Help save this fine old vessel.
    [Robs On-Line Rag]
    [RobLightbody.Com - Ocean Liner Site]
    [Royal Regals Home Page]
    [Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Alaska Cruise Vacations] - Come Cruise Alaska With Royal Caribbean!
    [S.S. Andrea Doria]

    [S.S. Andrea Doria]
    [S.S. Andrea Doria] - The story of the sinking.
    [S.S. Catalina Steamship Information]
    [S.S. Catalina Preservation Association]
    [S.S. Edmound Fitzgerald]
    [S.S. Edmound Fitzgerald Online]
    [S.S. Great Britain] - Isambard Kingdom Brunel's great ships of the 19th century.
    [S.S. Kalakala]
    [S.S. Nomadic] - A privately owned/operated preservation web page.
    [S.S. Nomadic] - Le transbordeur (A french web site.  Click [here] to translate)
    [S.S. Nomadic] - Maritime Matters (She was a White Star Line passenger tender)
    [S.S. Norway Preservation Foundation]
    [S.S. Paris] - An immigrant family's story.
    [S.S. Queen Mary 2] - A privately owned/operated site about the new Queen Mary 2.
    [S.S. Stefan Batory Home Page]
    [S.S. United States]
    [S.S. United States Documentary Page] - The glory days
    [S.S. United States Conservancy] - Help save her!
    [S.S. United States Foundation] - Help preserve her!
    [S.S. United States Home Page]
    [Sea007.Com] - Marine Links Website
    [Ship Postcards]
    [Ships - StevenGraphs.Com]
    [Ships of State: The Great Atlantic Liners}
    [Ships of The Line]
    [Shipwreck Videos]
    [Simplon Post Cards] - Old liner post cards - A great image source
    [Steam Ships]
    [Steam Ship T.S.S. Nea Hellas]
    [Surviving World Steam Ships]
    [Surviving World Steam Locomotives] - A companion site
    [Surviving World Steam Vehicles] - A companion site
    [The 3D Titanic] - A virtual Titanic rendered in 3D!
    [The Australian Association for Maritime History]
    [The Big Three] - The German Liners
    [The Blue Riband Ships]
    [The Classic Liners of Long Ago] - The Classic Liners of Long Ago
    [The Great Ocean Liners] - The Great Ocean Liners
    [The Great TransAtlantic Liners]
    [The Last, Great Ocean Liners]
    [The Historical Titanic]
    [The Titanic and Other Famous Ocean Liners]
    [The TransAtlantic Liners]
    [The Turbine Tribune]
    [The Un-Official holland America Line Website]
    [The Virtual Library - Naval & Maritime Links]
    [Thomas Andrews: The Builder of The Ship of Dreams]
    [Titanic's Lost Sister: The HMHS Britannic]
    [Titanic Movie Home Page]
    [Titanic: Quake 2]
    [TravelPage's Cruise Section]
    [TravelPage's Cruise News Page]
    [TransAtlantic Legends]
    [Trans-Atlantic Ocean Liners]
    [T.S.S. Cassandra - Anchor-Donaldson Line] - Collision with iceberg.
    [T.S.S. Cassandra - Anchor-Donaldson Line] - Collision with iceberg.
    [U-869] - Hitler's Lost Sub (NOVA)
    [U-Boat.Net] - All about submarines
    [World Next Door Cafe] - A crew services web site.
    [YoYo Search] - A convenient interface to ten types of searchs.
   Maritime Disasters In The USA
    [Disasters, Historic] - Many types including Maritime (Not Ours)
    [The US Maritime Disasters Links PAge] - (Not Ours)
   Cruisie Resource Center - 

    [Cruise Planning Center]
    [Cruise Ship HQ]
    [Cruise Travel Magazine]

   Cruise Ship and Ocean Liner Models - 
    [Maritime Replicas] - Cruise Ships, Ocean Liners & Other Replicas (Museum Quality)
    [The DebrisField} - Oceaan Liners
    [Scherbak Ship Models] - Classic & Modern Cruise Ships (Reasonably Priced)
   Navy Ship Artwork -
    [Veramar Naval Products] - Art Images of Naval Ships

   Environmental, Oceanographic, Marine, Maritime, and Atmospheric Agencies & Organizations -
    [American Geophysical Union - Ocean Sciences]
    [American Society of Limnology and Oceanography]
    [Bioscience - ASLO Opens National Office]
    [Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs]
    [Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society]
    [Council On Environmental Quality]
    [Environmental Impact Analysis Data Links]
    [Florida Oceanographic Society]
    [Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment]
    [International Ocean Colour Co-ordinating Group]
    [International SeaKeepers Society]
    [Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO]
    [IOC United Kingdom]
    [Monterey Bay Ocean Consortium]
    [North American Oceanographic Society]
    [Oceanography Society]
    [United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)] - History
    [United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service]
    [United States Department of Energy]
    [United States Department of The Interior - Bureau of Land Management]
    [United States Geological Survey]
    [United States Fish & Wildlife Service]
    [United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)]
    [United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)] - EcoCommunity
    [United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)]
    [United States Weights and Measures Offices]

   Maritime Museums And Historical Society's -
    [A listing of Maritime Museums on the web]
    [Center For Marine Conservation] - See how you can help, call in US 1-(202): 429-5609.
    [Historical Titanic Society]
    [San Francisco Maritime National Park Association]
    [The Steamship Historical Society of America (SSHSA)]
    [The Steamship Historical Society of America (SSHSA)] - Archives
    [The Titanic Historical Society (THS)]
    [The Ulster Titanic Society (UTS)]

  Maritime and Marine Artists - 
    [Apple Cart Studios]
    [Ayres Fine Art]
    [GB Marine Art] - GB Marine Art
    [MaritimeArt.Com: Ocean Liner Art Gallery]
    [Raft Island]
    [Robert C. Semler] - Maritime artist
    [Sealetter Maritime Renderings]

  Museums And Art Galleries -
    [The Louvre] - Paris, France
    [The Smithsonian Institute] - Washington D.C., USA

  Oceanographic, Maritime, Agencies & Commissions -
    [American Bureau of Shipping - ABS]
    [American Society of Naval Engineers - ASNE]
    [American Society of Maritime Engineers - ASME]
    [American society of Travel Agents - ASTA]
    [Association of Retail Travel Agents - ARTA]
    [Cruise Line International Association - CLIA]
    [Federal Aviation Administration - FAA]
    [Federal Maritime Commission - FMC]
    [International Council of Cruise Lines - ICCL]
    [International Maritime Organization - IMO]
    [International Transportation Foundation]
    [Marine Advanced Technology Education Center - MATE]
    [National Defense Reserve Fleet] - James River, Ft. Eustis, Suisan Bay and Beaumont (Historical)
    [National Hurricane Center - NOAA]
    [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA]
    [National Transportation Safety Board - NTSB]
    [The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers]

  Maritime Insurance - 
    [Lloyd's of London]

  Reproductions of Newspapers and Magazines (Historical) - 
    [Gainsville Daily Sun] - Famous Front Pages

  Quality television for the mind, featuring art, history, music, science, ships, and the world! -
    [Animal Planet] - A pert of Discovery.com.
    [Extreme Engineering] - A part of Discovery.com
    [KAET Channel 8 - Phoenix, AZ] - Broadcast From Arizona State University
    [NOVA OnLine (WGBH Boston/PBS)]
    [PBS.Org: The American Experience]
    [PBS.Org: The Frontline]
    [PBS OnLine - PBS.ORG]
    [Scientific American Frontiers]
    [The Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E)]
    [The Cousteau Society]
    [The Discovery Channel OnLine (Discovery)]
    [The Disney Channel (Disney)]
    [The History Channel OnLine]
    [The Learning Channel OnLine (TLC)] - A part of Discovery.com.
    [The National Geographic Society]
    [The National Underwater & Marine Agency (NUMA)]
    [The Travel Channel] - A part of Discovery.com.
    [The Weather Channel]
    [Unsolved history] - A part of Discovery.com
    [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)]

  Shipping & Ferry Yahoo! eGroups (Email list groups) -
  Fast Ferries -
  Ferries - 
  Ferries Outside Europe - 
  Ferries of Northern Europe - 
  Ferries of Southern Europe - 
  Irish Sea Ships - 
  Liners List - Cruise Ships & Passenger Liners - 
  Maritime Contacts - 
  Maritime Questions -
  Scot Ships - Scottish Shipping - 
  SS United States eGroup
  Tees Maritime - 

   Shipping & Ferry Yahoo! eClubs -
  Ferries - 
  Ships & The Sea - 
  Irish Ferries - 
  Stena Line - 
  UK Ferries - 
  Britanny Ferries - 
  Irish Sea Ferries - 
  SRN 4 Hovercraft - 

   Our Genealogy Web Links -
    [Emigration Lists]
    [Family Search]
    [Immigrant & Passenger Lists On Film]
    [Immigration and Ships Passenger Lists Research Guide]
    [Immigrants To Canada] - 19th Century
    [Immigrant Ships] - Ship Descriptions From Various Internet Mailing Lists
    [Irish Emigrant Lists]
    [Irish Ship Lists]
    [Irish Passenger Lists]
    [ISTG:  Passenger Ship Lists]
    [ISTG: Voyages In The 19th Century]
    [Kin Ships]
    [Kindred Connection]
    [New Steamship Consultants Passenger Lists]
    [Other Passenger Ship Lists]
    [Passenger Lists; Ships]
     [Passenger Lists On The Internet]
    [Primer on Emigration, Immigration and Associated Subjects]
    [Personal Family History of MacGregor & Tod] - They started a shipyard empire.
    [Searching in Canada]
    [The Mayflower Passenger List]
    [The Ships List]
    [The Ships List - Search - "Routes"]

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    [America West] - Cruises
    [Cruise.Com] - Cruises
    [CruisePage.Com] - Cruise Search
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