-=[ Our Desktop Themes ]=-

  What Is A Desktop Theme?

    A desktop theme, is a "look and feel" for the Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.  It gives your computer a personality. We think, that a maritime, or ocean going theme is a nice idea...  Don't you?  Continue reading to find out more.

    This is our desktop themes collection for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.  Our collection includes, many loved and famous passenger ships.  The collection includes ships from some of the following lines:
Company Themes
Campagnia Generale TransAtlantique
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cunard Steamship Line, Ltd
Navigazone Generale Italiana
Norwegian Cruise Lines
P & O Steamship Company
Princess Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
United States Lines
White Star Steamship Company
French Line/CIE
Carnival's "Fun Ships!"
Cunard Line
Italian Line
P&O Line
Princess "Love Boats"
US Lines
White Star Line

  Please see the [Desktop Themes Samples] page for a preview of some of the themes that are available.

    This is just to name a very short few.  Our collection is extensive, and being added to all of the time.  Modern and old ships alike, both appear here.  We also accept requests, to have a custom or special theme created.  Many of the thenes feature a lot of ships, in some of their most famous poses, and in some of the most beautiful ports of call around the globe.

-=[ Downloads / Shipping ]=-

    Please send us an e-mail telling us, what ship or series of ships you would like to have, or what series you'd like us to make for you.  You can reach us via e-mail at [RobbieSoft].  The themes, will be sent to you via e-mail.  They come as a self extracting executable file.  Please specify an e-mail address that can support an e-mail file attachment, and has the available free space for the desktop theme(s) you would like.

-=[ Installation & Use ]=-

    All of our Desktop Themes, will automatically install themselves onto your computer.  There is nothing to do, or need to know anything special.  To use the themes just simply do the following:

1.)  Click the "Start" button on your Windows® taskbar.
2.)  Click the "Settings" link, in the Start Menu list that appears.
3.)  Click the "Control Panel" link, in the list that appears.
4.)  When the Control Panel box opens, click on the "Desktop Themes" icon.
5.)  When the Themes program application starts, click in the Themes selection box
       that appears at the upper-left, of the window.  Scroll through the list, and find the
       desired theme you wish to use, and select it, with a left mouse click.
6.)  Then at the bottom right, click the "Apply" button.
7.)  Then at the bottom right, click the "Ok" button
   And enjoy the beautiful view...

To create a file on the desktop to save these instructions to, switch back to the desktop, then on your desktop, right click, then left click "New", then left click "Text Document". Select a name for the file.  Then open it.  Switch back to this window via an (ALT+Tab) key press.

To select the text press (CTRL+A), then you can copy the text you see here with a (CTRL+C), to save these instructions, just paste them with (Shift+Insert or CTRL+V)  into the file you made for future reference.  Then click File then Save. (In the text editor, not the browser.)  Then left click File | Exit, in the text editor.  Or, if you know to drag and highlight do it.  Then right click on the highlighted text, and select "Copy".  Then switch to the text editor, and right click in the editor window and select "Paste".

-=[ System Requirements ]=-

    You will need an IBM PC/AT style computer, with an i486-DX2/66 class processor or greater.  An Intel Pentium® type processor is highly recommended. Your computer will need to have at least 16Megabytes of RAM or more.  And you should have the base minimum free disk space (available space) needed on your computer's hard disk drive.

    The system requirements for the Desktop Themes, is a Windows® capable Pentium® PC, with a clock speed of 133 MHz
or faster.  You must have Windows95, Windows 98/98 SE, or Windows NT v4.0, or later.  With the Desktop Themes application package installed.  NT users, this is on the Resource Kit CD.  A display of 800x600 is recommended, but 640x480 will work fine, with a color depth of at least 15bits, 32,000 colors.  24bit or greater is however preferred.  For more information, on the Themes program, and Windows®, please see the manuals that came with your computer.

Or, you can contact the Microsoft® Corporation at: [http://www.microsoft.com/]

-=[ Theme Copyrights ]=-

    The theme system, in Microsoft® Windows®, is Copyright © to the Microsoft® Corporation, as is the Windows® operating system itself.  95, OSR1, OSR2, 98, and NT v4.0, are as well.  The photographs and paintings, etc. that are used in these desktop themes are Copyright © to their respective owners.  As are the "nick names", of the ships, cruise lines, etc.  If in any doubt of this, please read the Copyrights & Trademarks section, on this sites [home page].

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