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This page has a listing of the maritime companies and cruise lines who operate ships for the commercial passenger transport and immigrant trades. You will find North Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asian, Oriental and other lines listed here.

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- A -
A'Rosa Cruises
Aberdeen Line
Aberkrombie & Kent Line
Abou Merhi Cruises
Abou Merhi Lines
Adelade Steamship Company
Admiral Cruise Lines
Admiral Cruises
African Steamship Co.
Aida Cruises
Alaska Line
Alaska Marine Highway System
Alaska Steamship Co.
Albion Line
Alblon Line
Alcoa Steamship Co.
Alda Line
Allen Line
Aloha-Pacific Cruises
America France Line
American Classic Voyages Co.
American Classic Voyages Inc.
American Cruise Line
American Line
American Line (1873)
American Line (1893)
American Family Cruises
American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line
American Mail Line
American Republics Line
American Steamship Company
American Sugar Transit Corp.
American West Steaamboat Cruises
American-Banner Line
American-Canadian Line
American-Canadian-Caribbean Line
American-Export Line
American-Export-Isbrandtsen Line
American-Hawaii Cruise Line
American-President Line
American-Scandinavian Line
American-Scantic Line
Anatolia Ferries
Anchor Line
Anchor-Donaldson Line
Anaedin Line
Andresen Line
Andrew Weir Shipping
Arcalia Shipping Co.
Arctic Umiaq Line
Argo Line
Argo Steamship Company
Arkona Group
Arkona Touristik
Arosa Line
Arrow Line
Astor Cruise Line
Atlantic Shipping Co.
Atlantic Shipping Line
Atlantic Transport Co.
Atlantic Transport Line
Australia Steamship Company
Australian Line
Azamara Cruises
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- B -
Bahama Cruise Line
Baltic Steamship Company
Baltic-American Line
Baltic-American Steamship Line
Baltimore & Carolina Steamship Co.
Baltimore Mail Line
Baltimore Mail Steamship Co.
Baltimore Steam Packet Company
Barber & Company
Barefoot-Windjammer Cruises
BC Ferries
Beaver Line
Belgian Line
Bermuda Star Line
Bernstein Line
BI Line
Bibby Line
Birka Line
Black Ball Line
Black Ball Shipping Line
Black Diamond Lines
Black Funnel Line
Black Sea Shipping Co.
Black Star Packet Co.
Blasco Company
Blue Anchor Line
Blue Flag Line
Blue Flag Navigation Co.
Blue Funnel Line
Blue Star Line
Bonyad Shipping Co.
Booth Line
Booth Steamship Company Limited
Boston-Liverpool Line
Bremen Line
Bristol City Line
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
British & Irish Steam Packet Co.
British & North American Royal Mail Steam-Packet Co.
British & North American Steamship Company
British & North Atlantic Steam Navigation Co.
British India Steam Navigation Company
British India Steamship Company
Brittany Ferries
Bull Line
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- C -
C. S. Efthymiadis
California Line
California Steam Navigation Company
California, New Zealand & Australia Steamship Co.
California, Oregon & Mexico Steamship o.
Canada Shipping Company
Canada's Blyth & Company
Canadian Northern Line
Canadian Northern Steamship Line
Canadian Pacific Line
Canadian-Pacific Steamship Line
Canaveral Cruise Lines
Canberra Cruises
Canyon Ranch at Sea
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carras Cruises
Caspi Cruises
Castle Line
Castle Mail Packet Co.
Celebration Cruise Line
Celebrity Cruise Line
Celebrity Cruises
Central American Transit Company
Chagres Line
Chandris Line
Chandris-Celebrity Cruises
Chandris-Fantasy Cruises
Chesapeake and Ohio Steamship Company
Chlkat Cruises
China Ocean Shipping Co.
China Sea Cruises
Cia Colonial de Navegacao Line
Cie Maritime Belge
Cie Sudatlantique Line
City Line
City of Dublin Line
City of London Steam Navigation Co.
Clan Line
Clan Steamship Company
Clarke Steamship Company
Classic International Cruises
Cleopatra Navigation Co.
Cliffs Steamship Co.
Clipper Cruise Line
Club Med
Club Valtur
Clyde Line
Clyde Steamship Co.
Clyde-Mallory Line
Clyde-Mallory Steamship Co.
Codega Line
Coedgar Line
Collins Line
Colombia Line
Color Line
Columbian Line
Commodore Cruise Line
Compagnia Generale TransAtlantique Line
Compagnie Maritime Belge
Compagnie Bordelaise de Navigation a Vapeur
Compagnie des Iles du Ponant
Compagnie Generale des Paquebots Transatlantiques (French Line-1847)
Compagnie Nationale de Navigation
Companhia Colonial Line
Compania Generale TransAtlantica Espanola Line
Contessa Cruises
Contessa Vaccaro Line
Continental Waterways
Corsica Ferries
Costa Attica Cruises
Costa Crociere
Costa Cruise Lines
Costa Cruises
Costeira Line
Cosulich Line
Crescent Navigation Company Ltd.
Croisieres et Voyages
Cromwell Line
Crown Cruise Line
Cruise Ferries
Cruise Havana
Cruise West
Crusader Shipping Company 
Crystal Cruise Line
CTC Line
Cunard Line Ltd.
Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd.
Cunard Steamship Line Ltd.
Cunard-White Star Line
Cunard/NAC Line
Curnow Closes
Curnow Shipping Co.
Currie's Calcutta Castles
Cycladic Cruises
Cypren-Fabre Line
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- D -
Daewoo Cruises
Dalia Line
Danat Dubai Cruises
Dane Sea Line
Danish East India Company
Delta Line
Delta Queen Coastal Voyages/SM
Delta Queen Steamboat Co.
Delta Steamship Co.
Destina Cruise Line
Destina Cruises
Det Forenede D/S
Deutsche Atlantik Line
Deutsche Levante Line
DFDS Seaways
Direct Cruises
Disney Cruise Line
Disney Cruises
Dollar Line
Dolphin Cruise Line
Dolphin Line
Dominion Line
Dominion-White Star Line
Donald Currie & Company
Donaldson Line
Donaldson Shipping Line
Dramatic Line
Dutch East India Company
Dutch World Services
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- E -
East Asiatic Company
East Asiatic Line
East India Company
East Indies Mail Packet Steamship Co.
Eastern Cruise Line
Eastern Steam Navigation Co.
Eastern Steamship Co.
Eastern Steamship Line
Eckero Line
El-alaam Maritime Transport Co.
Elder-Dempster Line
Ellerman Line
Emerald Cruises
Empire City Line
Empress Cruises
Empresa Insulana de Navegacao
Empresa Insulano
Empreza Nacional de Navegacao
Epirotiki Cruise Line
Europe-Canada Line
Evergreen Group
Exploration Cruise Line
Exprinter Cruise Line
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- F -
Fabre Line
Fall River Line
Fantasy Cruise Lines
Fantasy Cruises
Farren Line
Festival Cruises
Finland Steamship Company
First Choice Holidays
First European Cruises
Fjord Line
Flagship Cruises
Florida East Coast Car Ferry Co.
Florida Flushing Line
Flotta-Lauro Line
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines
French Country Waterways
French East India Company
French Line
FS Ocean Services
Furness Bermuda Line
Furness Line
Furness Withy & Company
Furness-Warren Line
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- G -
Galway Line
Gaspe Steamship Co.
Gdynia-America Line
Georgian Bay Line
German-Atlantic Line
Glacier Bay Cruiseline
GlobalQuest Cruises
Golden Sun Cruise Line
Golden Sun Cruises
Grace Line
Great American River Journeys
Great Lakes Cruise Co.
Great Northern Steamship Co.
Great Ship Company
Great Western Steamship Company
Greek Line
Greta Line
Grimaldi-Siosa Line
Grinnel & Minturn's Swallowtail Line
Guion Line
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- H -
Hain Steamship Company
Hamburg-America Line
Hamburg-American Packet Company
Hamburg-Atlantic Line
Hamburg-Atlantic South Line
Hamburg-Berlin Africa Line
Hamburg-South American Line
Hansa Line (Dampfschiffs-Rhederei Hansa)
Hansa Line (Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft "Hansa")
Hansa Lloyd Line
Hansa Touristik
Hapag-Lloyd Cruise Lines
Hapag-Lloyd Line
Havre Line
Hawaii Superferry
Hawaiian Steamship Co.
Head Line
Hebridean Line
Hellenic Mediterranean Line
Hellenic Polish Line
Hebridean & Clyde Ferries
Heritage Cruise Lines
Hill Line
Holland-America Cruise Line
Holland-America Line
Home Line
Howard and Son's Empire City Line
Hurtigruten Group, ASA
Hyundai Cruises
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- I -
Illyria Line
Imperial Majesty Cruise Line
Imperial Majesty Cruises
Imperium Cruises
Incres Line
Independent Line
Independent Opposition Line
Indian Ocean Cruise Line
Indiana Transportation Co.
Inman Line
Inter Colonial Service
Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co.
InterIsland Line
International Houdse Co. Ltd.
International Navigation Company
International Shipholding Corporation
International Shipping Partners
Isbrandtsen Line
Island Cruises
Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines
Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Ltd.
Italia Societa di Navigazione a Vapore
Isthmian Lines Inc.
Italian Line
Italian Lloyd Sabaudo Line
Italian State Railways
Ivaran Line
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- J -
Jadrolinija Line
Jadrolinija Transatlantic
Japan Cruise Lines
Java China Japan Line
Jewel River Cruise Line
Johnson Line
Johnston-Warren Line
Jugolinija Line
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- K -
K Line
Karageorgis Line
Kavounides Line
KD German Line
KD German-Rhine Line
KD River Cruises
Key Transit Company
Khedivial Mail Line
Kloister Cruise Line
Kloister Cruises
Kloister Line
Korea Gibralter Line
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- L -
La Cie de Navigation Charlevoix
La Cie de Navigation Charlevoix Saguenay Ltee.
La Cie de Traverse Rivière-du-Loup Tadoussac Ltee
La Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
La Perla Cruise Line
La Traverse Rivière-du-Loup
La Veloce Navigazione Italiana a Vapore
Lake Michigan Carferry Company
Lamport & Holt Line
Latvian Shipping Co.
Lauritzen Bulkers Shipping co.
Lauro Line
Law's Line
Leisure Cruises
Legend Cruise Co.
Leyland Line
Lido Line
Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad Line
Linea dei Golfi Ferries
Line of Packets For New York
Linea dei Golfi
Linha de Navegaceo de J.H. Andresen
Linha de Vapores Portuguezas
Liverpool and Great Western Steam Navigation Co.
Liverpool and Great Western Steamship Company
Liverpool and Mississippi Steamship Company
Liverpool Transatlantic Steam Company
Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steam Navagation Co.
Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Co.
Lloyd Sardegna Ferries
Lloyd Triestino Line
Lloyd Triestino Line (1999)
Lloyd-Sabaudo Line
London General Steam Navigation Company
Lord Line
Los Angeles Steamship Co.
Los Angeles Steamship Navigation Co.
Louis Cruise Lines
Louis Drefus Lines
Louis Olsen Cruises
Lower St. Lawrence Transportation Co. Ltd
Luxus Cruise Line
Luxus Cruises
Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.
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- M -
Maersk Line
Magdalen Islands Transportation Co., Ltd.
Maine Steamship Co.
Majestic Cruises
Majestic International Cruises
Majesty Cruise Line
Majesty Cruises
Mallory Line
Manhanset Line
Marine Expeditions
Matson Line
Matson Navigation Co.
Matson Steam Navigation Co.
Mauritius Island Cruises
McCormick Steamship Co.
Mediterranean Shipping Cruises
Merchants & Miners Transportation Co.
Merchants Accommodation Line
Merchants And Miners Transportation Co.
Messegeries Maritimis Line
Minoan Line
Mississippi and Dominion Steamship Company
Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company
Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Lines
Moby Ferries
Mobile Oceanic Line
Monarch Classic Cruises
Monarch Cruise Line
Monarch Line
Montreal Ocean Steamship Company
Moore-McCormick Line
Morgan Line
MSC Cruises
Munargo Line Co.
Munson Line
Musung Shipping Corportation
Munson Steamship Co.
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- N -
N.Y.K. Line
National Hellenic-American Line
National Line
National Steam Co.
National Steam Company of Greece
National Steamship Company
National Steamship Company
Navigazone Puerto Rico Steamship Line
Navigazione Generale Italiana Line
Nederland Line
Nederlandsch Amerikaansche Stoomvart Maatschappig
Neptune Line
Neptune Orient Line
Neptunia Shipping Company
Netherlands Government Line
Netherlands Line
New England Ocean Steamship Co.
New York and Bremen Steamship Co.
New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co.
New York and Porto Rico Steamship Co.
New York and San Francisco Steamship Line
New York and Savannah Steam Navigation Co.
New York Aspinwall Line
New York-New Orleans-Vera Cruz line
New Zealand Line
New Zealand Shipping Company
Nicaragua Line
Nina Cruises
Nippon-Yousen KK Line
Nippon-Yousen Shipping Co.
Nord-deutscher Lloyd Line
North American Steamship Company
North American Transport Company
North German Lloyd Company
North German Lloyd Line
Northern Steamship Company
Northland Transportation Co.
Norwegian America Line
Norwegian American Cruise
Norwegian Capricorn Line
Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line
Norwegian Coastal Voyages
Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Line
Norwich and New London Steamboat Company
Nouvelle Compagnie Bordelaise
Nouvelle Compagnie Bordelaise de Navigation
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- O -
O. S. K. Line
Occidental & Oriental Steamship Co.
Ocean Club Cruises
Ocean Cruise Line
Ocean Princess Cruises
Ocean Quest International
Occean Savanna Steamship Co.
Occean Village Cruises
Oceana Cruises
Oceanic Cruises
Oceanic Steam Navigation Co.
Oceanic Steamship Co. (1882)
Oceanic Steamship Co. (1932)
OdessaAmerica Cruise Lines
Old Dominion Line
Olympic Cruise Lines
Olympic Short Cruises
Oranje Line
Ore Steamship Corp.
Oregon and San Diego Steamship Line
Oregon Steamship Company
Orient Line
Orient Steam Navigation Company
Oriole Lines
Orphalese Global Strategies
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- P -
P. & O. Cruise Lines
P. & O. Line
P. & O. North Sea Ferries
P. & O. Sitmar Shipping Line, Ltd.
P. & O. Steamship Navigation Co., Ltd.
P. & O.-Orient Line
Pacific Argentine Brazil Line
Pacific Far East Line
Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
Pacific Oteam Navigation Co.
Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Packet Company
Palm Beach Casino Line
Panama Mail Steamship Co.
Panama Railroad Steamship Line
Panama-Pacific Line
Paquet Lines
Paradise Cruises
Party Cruise Line 
Pearl Cruises
Pearl Sea Cruises of Connecticut
Pearls Cruises of Scandinavia
Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Co.
Peninsular and Oriental Company
Peter Deilmann Cruises
Phoenix Reisen Cruises
Pinillos Izquierdo & Co.
Polar Star Expeditions
Polish Ocean Line
Poople's Line
Porto Rico Line
Premier Cruise Lines
President Line
Prince Line
Princess Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Prudential Line
Puget Sound Navigation Co.
Puget Sound Steamship Navigation Co.
Puglia Societa di Navigazione
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- Q -

Quail Cruises

- R -
Radisson International Inc.
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises
Razzmatazz Ocean Cruises
Red "D" Line
Red Cross Packet Company
Red Funnel Ferries
Red Star Line
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Regency Cruise Line
Regency Cruises
Regina Maris Cruises
ResidenSea Atlantic Ltd.
ResidenSea USA
RiverBarge Excursion Lines
Robin Line
Rochester Ferry Company
Rocky Point Cruise Lines
Roland Line
Romanian Fluvial Navigation
Romantic Cruise Lines
Royal Atlantic Steam Navigation Company - Galway Line
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean International
Royal Cruise Line
Royal Exchange Shipping Co., Ltd.
Royal Greenland Trading Co,
Royal Holland Lloyd Line
Royal Inter-Ocean Line
Royal Mail Line
Royal Netherlands Line
Royal Olympia Cruise Line
Royal Olympic Cruise Line
Royal Olympic Cruises
Royal Rotterdam Lloyd Line
Royal Venture Cruises
Royal Viking Cruise Line 
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- S -
Saga Holidays
Saguenay Ltee
Salamis Lines
San Francisco-Honolulu-Australia Line
San Francisco-Panama Line
Savannah Line
Savannah Steam Navigation Company
Savill & Albion, Shaw Line
Savill Line
Scandinavian Line
Scandinavian-American Line
Scotia Prince Cruises Inc
Seattle Prince Cruise Line
Seabourn Cruise Line
Seabourn Cruises
Seacat Line
SeaEscape Cruises
Seatrain Line

Seatrain Lines Inc
SeaTruck Ferries
Seawind Cruise Line
Seawise Foundations Inc
Seven Seas Cruises
Shannon Line
Shaw Line
Shaw, Savill & Albion Line
Shaw-Savill Line
Sicula Americana (1906)
Siam Cruise Co.
Silja Line
Silverseas Cruises
Siosa Line
Sitmar Cruise Line
Sloman Line
Sociedade Geral
Societe de Nav. Royale Belge Sud-Americaine
Societe Italiano del Servizi Marittimi Line
Society Des Transportes Maritimes
Society Expeditions Cruises
South America Far East Line
South American Steamship Company
South Atlantic Mail Line
South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company
Southern Australia Shipping Company
Soviet Ministry of Shipping
Spanish Line
Special Expeditions
Splonsa-Plovba Line
St. George Packet Company
St. Lawrence Cruise Line
St. Simeon Line
Standard Fruit & Steamship Co.
Star Clippers
Star Cruises
Star Lauro Co.
Starlight Cruises
State Line
States Marine Lines
States Marine-Isthmian Lines
States Steamship Co.
Stena Line
Sterling Casino Lines
Stoomv Mij Line
Strintzis Lines
Sud Adlantique CIE.
Sun Line Cruises
Sulpicio Lines
Swan-Hellenic Cruises
Swan-Mediterranian Line
Swedish Line
Swedish-American Line
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- T -
Tallink Group
Tapscott Line
Temperley-Ross Line
Thingvalla Line
Thompson Cruises Ltd.
Thompson Tours Inc.
Thomson Line
Tirrenia Co.
Titan Cruise Line
Trans-Ocean Steamship Co.
TransOcean Tours
Trans World Cruises
Troy Line
TT Line
Turkey Europe Line
Turkish Maritime Line
Twin Screw Line
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- U -
Ulster Line
Ulster Steamship Company
Ungava Transports Ltee
Ulysses Line Ltd
Union Line
Union Steamship Company
Union Steamship Company of New Zealand
Union-Castle Line (1855)
Union-Castle Line (1999)
Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co., Ltd.
United East India Company, Ltd.
United Fruit Company
United States Line
United States Line (1921)
United States Line (1938)
United States Line (1999)
United States Mail Steamship Co.
United States Shipping Board
United States Shipping Company
United States Steamship Company
United-American Line
United-Arab Maritime Co.
US Lines (1999)
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- V -
V Line
Vaccaro Line
Vandalia Line
Vanderbilt Line
Vanderbilt Nicaragua Line
Vanderbilt's Independent Steamship Line
Venice-Simplon Line
Ventouris Lines
Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie
Victoria Cruise Line
Victoria Marine Passenger Services
Viking Line
Viking River Cruises
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- W -
Ward Line
Warren Line
Washington State Ferry Co.
Waterman Steamship Co.
Western Cruise Line
White Cross Line
White Diamond Steamship Company
White Star Line Ltd.
White Star Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.
White Star Steamship Co., Ltd.
Wilson Line
Windjammer Cruises
Windjammer-Barefoot Cruises
Windsor Line
Windstar Cruises
Windstar Sail Line
Wisconsin & Michigan Steamship Co.
World Cruise Company
World Exploration Cruise Line
World Explorer Cruises
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- X -

- Y -
Yokohama-Shanghai Branch Line
Yucatan Express
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- Z -
Zim Israel Navigation Co.
Zim Israel Line
Zim Line
Zion Line
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