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I am certain you know what a ship is, or you wouldn't be here. This site is my interpretation of what I feel the ocean liner has done for the world around us. This is not something new or mysterious. It's just plain history. Many of the worlds great country's have benefited from the presence of the ship. The first immigrant passenger ship to come to the Americas was the "Mayflower"

But before that it was the "Nina", "Pinta" and the "Santa Maria". Now they didn't visit the America we know now, they found what is now known as South America (Brazil, the Amazon, etc.) But not-withstanding, the white man wanted to go to the land of North America. Her voyage was filled with love, devotion, anticipation, hardship, stress, disease, death and probably rats. It possibly was a long horrible, arduous, smelly voyage. But the fact remains they did get here. The Americas, a land of opportunity and hope. Without a ship this wouldn't have even been possible. Not at all. There was no other way for mankind to cross the oceans at that point in time.

In modern times crossing an ocean is easy, just get yourself a ticket on a cruise ship or an airplane. Well, they couldn't do that back then. It was clipper, schooner and frigate or stay where you are. Now keep in mind that there were not that many ships then. In fact, quite a small few. To go from the Eastern European continent to the Americas it was the only way and they didn't have frequent sailing's like we have now. But, food, mail, cargo and passengers used it to get here and back. It would take them anywhere from 2-4 months, not a few days. As you can imagine, it was hard. Real hard. But the men, women and children persevered and their patience and courage paid off. It took trip after trip and before you know it the country was abound with the white man.

I want to be the first, to publicly applaud the men, women and children who gave and did so much for all of us who call ourselves Americans. They all deserve so much credit, for putting up with so much strife and danger. Our founding fathers came by ship, many of your own ancestors came here by ship, even the Statue of Liberty came by ship, all the way from France. The Civil War was fought with the first real iron war ships. The USS Monitor and the USS Merrimac. I only wish that the old USS Independence was still here. The USS Constitution, is a standing reminder, of the kind of ships and men it took to help history progress. The America's were discovered by Christofer Columbus, in October 1492, he was given three ships to do this. The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. But he almost didn't, until Queen Isabella insisted. Her advisors had told her not to embark on such an outrageous adventure, but her wisdom told her to trust Christofer.

Imagine that, the world is flat? Like soda? No. Round, all the way. And he proved it. How could you sail around the world, if it was flat? You couldn't. And besides, that whole notion of a square world? Rediculous. With Queen Isabella's backing and help. With Christofer's vision and determination the America's were found at last. But remember, he had a ship. It takes a ship. You can't walk, run, crawl, swim or anything else. You have to sail, or go by steamer. There is justno other way. Unless you maybe sprout wings? I think not. Got plane fare? Not in 1492. It's sail or nothing. When the King of Spain heard of the news, he was furious. Especially with Queen Isabella. He didn't want Christofor to discover the new world. Back then this just wasn't done. A non-Royal, sailing about, discovering new worlds? With the aid of a woman? Absolutely not. Unless you were knighted and sent by the King, you just don't go around doing those kinds of things...

But, if you understand some of this. Then you know how it has to be. It doesn't work any other way. In order to cross very large bodies of water, you must go by the way of a ship. By this manner and the history that followed it. Mankind can now travel from one place to another.

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